theEword Academy - Monitoring brand presence online

"We've known it for a long time: the web is big."

Jess Alpert, Software Engineer, Google

There are over 1 trillion URLs known to currently exist, although in reality, the number is probably much greater. To put it in perspective, 900,000 new blog entries are posted every single day. Given this information, how does one go about managing a reputation online?

SEO copywriter Tom Mason looks at four different ways to monitor a brand online via several different channels.

Web mentions

Google Alerts gives users a way to manage references across the internet. The system can be used to quickly source current mentions of a company or brand via a number of different mediums, such as blogs, news or video. Users can choose to have the information emailed to them on a case-by-case, daily or weekly message, or have the information included in a Google Reader account. Up to 1,000 alerts can be created at any one time.

Monitoring Links

Keep tabs on references to a company via link checkers such as Yahoo Site Explorer and Google Webmasters. Reviewing any links to a website is important for a number of reasons, but in regards to reputation management, these tools are indispensable for monitoring what other internet users are saying about a specific company or brand without ever mention of a company by name.


There are dozens of different tools which can be used to manage a reputation on Twitter. theEword uses Tweet Deck to monitor '@' mentions and references to the social media account which it manages. This allows the social media team to quickly respond to any questions or comments individuals have about a specific brand or company.

TweetDeck can be downloaded for free and, once installed, can be customised to display specific information. Users can monitor direct messages, mentions and specific keywords. theEword SEO copywriter Richard Frost explains how to set up TweetDeck in this recent blog.

Internet forums

Keeping track of conversation on internet boards and forums is just as important as monitoring conversations on Twitter. Board Tracker is a helpful tool for those who want to keep tabs on brand discussions across the internet.

The website scours over 32,000 forums for references of a specific term or phrase, allowing an individual to act accordingly to any damaging posts.