Listening to the student voice with CallRail

Written by
Mimi Dlodlo
Published on
June 26, 2024

As digital marketers, we know that website clicks and likes tell part of the story, but what about phone calls? 

Phone calls are where we vent, ask questions, clear up lingering doubts – they offer a window into anxieties and aspirations that clicks simply cannot capture. 

That's where we, theEword, and global student housing operator Yugo, saw a big opportunity. Our existing marketing strategy for Yugo's UK residences was successful, but we were determined to unlock even deeper audience insights to drive conversions. 

The key? Listening to the student voice through call quality monitoring.

The Solution

With 26 residences spanning from London to Edinburgh, it was clear Yugo needed a call-tracking platform capable of keeping up. Enter CallRail.

Here’s why we chose them:

Categorisation: The platform’s categorisation features allowed us to efficiently organise calls by topic and location, making identifying trends and student pain points easier.

AI Transcription: With the use of their AI transcription feature, we were able to analyse vast amounts of call data in a fraction of the time, uncovering valuable insights that would have been hidden in traditional logs

The Results

The impact of call monitoring was immediate. 

Within just seven days, we’d already managed to unearth a wealth of insights that not only transformed our strategy but also helped Yugo improve its customer service on the ground:

Data-Driven Messaging: Listening to calls across Yugo's spaces gave us a direct line to student needs. We leveraged this data to tailor messaging in both paid and social channels, thus dramatically reducing conversion barriers.

Fewer Frustrations, More Bookings: Addressing the most common questions students asked during calls directly on the website and ads led to a 100% drop in repetitive call inquiries, making the conversion process smoother.

100% Conversion Visibility: Tracking Yugo's Google Ads used to only mean monitoring call volume, leaving conversions a mystery. With call monitoring,  we could now see the full picture which included data about the power of Google Ads in generating high-intent calls.

Standardised Communication: Call listening helped us identify best practices, helping Yugo create a standardised welcome messaging that could be used across every site.

"Call listening insights have refined our marketing strategy in the UK, enabling tailored messaging and offerings to convert high-intent customers. Additionally, we now have 100% visibility into how our call leads convert from Google Ads." Kasper Wigen, Global Performance Marketing Director, Yugo

Our success with Yugo proves a key point: marketing thrives when you combine traditional data with the unfiltered voices of your target audience.  Prioritising a deeper understanding of students through call monitoring didn't just optimise Yugo's strategy - it unlocked a powerful connection that keeps them ahead in the PBSA sector.

To find out how call tracking can optimise your lead conversions, get in touch.