theEword is a brand communications agency

We're on a mission to fill the world with more love. We help famous brands drive commercial growth by unifying their customer experience online and off, boosting affinity and revenue by creating something people will love.

We do it for the love

We specialise in marketing that matches the magic: the stuff that makes your customers love you just as much online as they do offline. Our process makes sure that people enjoy a consistent experience when engaging with you, whether that's through digital or real-world touchpoints.

We got here by working with famous places to visit (Madame Tussauds, Blue Planet Aquarium, The Blackpool Tower) and places to live (Essential Living, The Student Housing Company, Fusion Students) to create marketing that matches their magic. All of these places are beloved by their visitors and residents - and the people behind them wanted a digital presence that did justice to their brilliant offline customer experience.

Today, we help leisure, property and consumer brands grow affinity - and revenue - by joining up their online and offline customer experiences, making sure both will be loved and that neither lets the other down.

We enjoy it so much we've turned it into our sole purpose: to fill the world with more love, one place at a time, starting with the places in which people live and spend their free time.

When what you do for a living is help contribute to the making of people's favourite memories, it's hard not to love it.


Feeling unloved? We look at dozens of online and offline datapoints to uncover the areas in which your brand could benefit from a bit more love. Looking at everything from footfall, visitor spend, review scores, web traffic and repeat business helps us to understand the ways in which we can drum up a bit more love among your customers, which we then turn into a plan tailored just for you. 


Whether it's revenue or reviews that have left you feeling unloved, we can help. The results of our brand audit show exactly the areas in which we need to apply a bit of tender loving care. Think about it like a brand boot camp, getting you in tip top shape to face (what will be) an adoring public. Once your brand is feeling more like its best self again, we're ready to get going with campaigns. 


When your brand has had the appropriate care lavished upon it, we create and deliver brilliant campaigns designed to grow affinity and revenue among your target customers. We also undertake ongoing work to make sure you continue to feel the love across all stages of your customer journey, online and offline. A brand as beloved as yours deserves the attention, after all. 


We're dedicated to treating your brand with as much care and attention as you do. Here are some kind words from people who have felt the love.

Their skills and knowledge in SEO, content marketing and digital advertising, coupled with their ability to get under the skin of our business has been vital to develop sustained flow of new leads through our website.

Mark Flint, Essential Living

theEword have massively added value to our business through creative ideas and strategies that support our website sales. In two years we’ve seen our online revenue grow by 49% for SEA LIFE Blackpool and 45% for Madame Tussauds Blackpool.

Rebecca Parr, Merlin Entertainments


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