TikTok vs YouTube: our top five takeaways

Written by
Al Mackin
Published on
March 27, 2024

TikTok and YouTube aren’t just platforms; they’re powerful influencers steering the choices of young minds. And for those in the Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sector, knowing these preferences isn’t just useful; it’s game-changing.

Curious about the specifics? Our 18-page insight report takes a deep dive, spotlighting how UK students aged 18-24 navigate these platforms when it comes to choosing their student accommodation. But if you’d like to find out the headlines, here are our top five takeaways:

1. Demographics and Usage

Of the 443 students surveyed, aged 18-24, 57.3% are male and 42.7% female. While YouTube enjoys a weekly engagement of 21.9%, TikTok isn’t far behind at 13.3%. Notably, platforms like Instagram (32.63%) and Facebook (13.75%) remain significant players.

2. The Gender Factor in TikTok’s Surge

TikTok’s rise among female students is evident; they use it 3.1 times more than males. This platform has become instrumental for 55.9% of students in their accommodation choices, with a stark 73% of female students relying on it, as opposed to just 27.3% of male students.

3. YouTube’s Diverse Influence

YouTube is a staple for 47.2% of students making accommodation decisions. However, this influence dramatically wanes among male students, with only 1.42% citing it as relevant.

4. Authenticity Reigns Supreme

Trust is paramount. An overwhelming 59.5% of students gravitate towards video walk-throughs by real students over stylised company content. Interestingly, company-generated content on TikTok or YouTube garners trust from a mere 3.3% of male students.

5. The Bigger Picture

Whilst YouTube boasts a wider audience, TikTok’s influence is growing at a swift pace, especially in decision-making. As students increasingly value authenticity, it’s crucial to bear in mind that genuine content shouldn’t sacrifice quality.

In this evolving digital landscape, there lies a prime opportunity for PBSA operators. By engaging with student advocates and crafting authentic content, they can harness the combined strengths of organic and paid promotions on both platforms.

Download the TikTok vs YouTub Report.