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Helping PBSA providers increase leads, fill beds, generate footfall and lease units.

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We’ve been generating leads and filling beds for student housing companies for over ten years.
Our key objective is to reach maximum occupancy across all your buildings every year.

We're a group of strategists and marketers who drive leads, calls and bookings so that you can hit your targets, whether you're a regional operator targeting local students or a global management company that requires multi-lingual, multi-territory campaigns.

You'll find our approach to digital marketing is considered, innovative and target-driven.



We have a track record of accelerating our clients sales, allowing them to achieve 100% occupancy faster.

Driving sales early in the leasing cycle means the final few months of the student year are less stressful, and your paid media budget can be reduced. Year on year we've been able to deliver higher occupancy levels for our clients, and earlier in the year.


With a better digital strategy, and iterative performance improvements every year, you'll be able to increase your lease numbers on more efficient budgets.

Your marketing budgets are under pressure but you'd still like to do more with them. We reduce our clients' cost per lease year on year, allowing them to put more budget into experimentation, trialling new channels and creating valuable new content.


When you're trying to capture the hearts and minds of Gen-Z you can't be traditional.

Authenticity is critical, along with innovating your digital strategy so that your channels align with the digital footprint of your targets. In short that means emotive, snappy content on the platforms Gen-Z love, driven by people and imagery that they align with.  

What we do


There are few digital agencies who place as much importance on the understanding, development and engagement of audiences as we do. Grabbing the attention of buyers is central to success, and you can only do that by understanding them.

Our approach has evolved over the years to encompass focus groups, customer interviews, surveys, data-mining and other key tactics that help inform our understanding of audiences, as well as how we can reach them and influence their decisions.

Digital Strategy

We transform audience insight into powerful digital marketing strategies. Our approach means that campaigns are grounded in research but flex quickly based on performance and market changes, helping our clients reach new audiences across the world.

Creating a high-performing digital marketing campaign starts with a well-researched and flexible digital marketing strategy. One that is grounded in data and insights, but that's understood - and bought into - by everyone in your business.
Digital Strategy

Paid Media

Online advertising isn't just a way to find new visitors to convert today: used properly, the right paid media can generate awareness, consideration and purchase intent throughout the funnel and through multiple buying cycles.

Combining paid search, paid social and display into a paid media offering is somewhat standard, but what is novel about our approach is the fluidity and ingenuity with which we manage tactics and budgets across all channels. buildings and territories.
Paid Media


Successful property marketing requires a distinctive brand presence. Our expertise lies in crafting creative campaigns that connect with your audience, guiding them seamlessly through the customer journey, generating valuable leads on your website.

Whether it's shaping initial concepts or directing video shoots, we manage the entire creative process to motivate and convert potential buyers.

Natural Search

We’ve delivered hugely profitable natural search campaigns for some of the world’s largest property businesses.

Leveraging our 20 years’ experience, we’ve developed our own distinct approach to SEO, striking a fine balance between technical optimisation and high quality content production and distribution.
Natural Search

Social Media

Social media  allows you to build a relationship with your audience, but managing budgets across platforms and creating content that cuts through the competition requires a strategy.

We use social media to build your brand and increase your reach and engagement, while executing high-performing paid campaigns that increase leads, interest and footfall.
Social MEDIA

Data Analysis

High-performing campaigns require a trustworthy analytics stack. Reliable visitor and behavioural data means that we can scrutinise, optimise and focus on your most critical KPI, Return on Investment.

We help you make sense of all of your data, translating disparate data sources into readable reports and insight. That means you, your team and your stakeholders can understand performance easily.
Data Analysis
The effort that theEword puts into research is something I haven't seen in much bigger agencies.
Kasper Wigen
Global Performance Marketing Director
theEword is a true partner, going above and beyond to support the growth of our business.
Oliver Walker
Regional Marketing Manager
theEword offers unparalleled visibility into data and performance.
Gina McMorran
SVP Sales & Marketing
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theEword stands out by seamlessly turning insights into actionable strategies.
Andrew Bradley-Nixon
Sales & Marketing Director
I enjoy working with theEword due to their passion, their commitment and their can-do, solution focused attitude.
Cassie Forshaw
European Marketing Director

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