theEweekly Wrap 31 July 2009

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Tottenham Hotspur footballer Darren Bent is facing disciplinary proceedings after posting a series of controversial allegations on his Twitter feed. The striker has come under investigation after he appeared to criticise the management of his proposed transfer from Tottenham to Sunderland.

Bent delivered his dissatisfaction via a series of posts this week on the social networking site.

“Do I want to go to Hull City. No. Do I want to go to Stoke. No. Do I want to go to Sunderland. Yes.”

The transfer of the England striker is ongoing as the two clubs finalise a fee for the player. “Why can’t anything be simple? It’s so frustrating hanging around,” Bent allegedly wrote in another post.

A spokesperson for Tottenham said that an investigation was ongoing as to the authenticity of the account.

“We have put calls in to Darren’s agent. We are trying to establish whether the Twitter account is actually Darren’s. If it turns out to be Darren, we’ll deal with it as an internal matter.”

What the butler saw

IAC, the parent company of search engine reported an overall decline in revenue of 4 per cent., which recently reincorporated its previous butler branding, saw a 10 per cent dip in revenue. A statement by the company said that revenue per query declined because users were taking fewer clicks to find what they were searching for. search engine news suffers revenue decline

CPCs and robbers

New data has revealed that pay-per-click (PPC) fraud has fallen by eight per cent. Click Forensics found the year-on-year percentage of click fraud had dropped 22 per cent.

Tom Cuthbert, president of Click Forensics said that search engines were becoming more vigilant against PPC fraud.

“The increased diligence of online ad networks to detect and block invalid traffic sources has contributed to the decline in the overall click fraud rate this quarter. Ad networks should still pay close attention in the coming months,” he said.

Making the umissable, unmissable

The BBC has signed a deal with four media groups to share video content. The deal, which includes the Daily Mail & General Trust, Guardian News & Media, Telegraph Media Group and Independent News & Media, will see the BBC provide a range of video news content to the various online outlets of the participating companies. The content will not be available outside the UK.

“We regard this initiative as a core part of the BBC working more effectively as a public service partner, with other media organisations utilising BBC news content,” explained Mark Byford, deputy director general and head of journalism at the BBC.

“Audiences are increasingly expecting news content to be available wherever they are, rather than always having to navigate to destination sites. We hope this wider distribution will extend audience reach to BBC content.”

News in 140 characters:

  • Whitehouse employees have been banned from using Twitter at work. Officials have said the micro-blogging software decreases productivity.
  • Tory leader David Cameron apologised for swearing during a live breakfast radio interview. Cameron swore during a discussion about Twitter.
  • Web browser Firefox has been downloaded nearly a billion times. Firefox 3.0 was recently released.
  • Microsoft and Yahoo finally tied the knot on a ten-year deal. The arrangement will see Microsoft power Yahoo search.