Meet the team Pt. 4793

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Last week we introduced you to our new writer Tom Mason, who joins the team creating SEO content for our clients. In the hope of learning a bit more about the Wolverhampton Wonder, we asked him some questions.

He was very forthcoming in his answers (he is a writer, after all) so we’ve provided edited highlights of them below...

What is your favourite website?

The cool kid in me likes The Onion. The geeky teenager likes Ain’t It Cool News. This conflict of character makes me a confused soul just right for The Guardian’s site.

What was the last amazing advert you saw?

The ‘Believe’ campaign for the Halo 3 videogame; a handmade diorama of humanity’s last stand, complete with rousing classical overtures.

What do you usually have for breakfast?

I think breakfast is an extraneous and unnecessary meal. However, if you held a cereal spoon to my head, I’d say Chocolate Cornflakes.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

Working as a tour guide for Wolverhampton Tourist Board. As there are only one and a half points of interest in the whole city, I found it to be a dull and pointless exercise.

What is your favourite flavour of smoothie?

Strawberry and Banana from the Innocent lads. Not for the taste you understand, but rather the witty comments on the side of the packet; they’re funnier on this particular smoothie than the other varieties. I usually buy in bulk and devote an entire evening every month to just reading the back of the cartons and laughing hysterically to myself.

What is your favourite TV show?

The Daily Show with John Stewart. I secretly long to be an American citizen and so laugh along with the jokes, regardless of whether or not I understand them.

What is your favourite genre of modern cinema?

Action rom-com. It’s a niche genre, but one that could become much more popular if only Richard Curtis would get Michael Bay to produce his films.