5 easy ways to use social as a tool

By Danielle Middleton topicIcon Viral Marketing

5 simple ways to utilise social for research

As a business it is always important to stay in touch with what content your customers find most valuable and how they are discussing it and sharing it with others.

There are various tools designed to enable effective research on social media, helping businesses gather information across social media platforms in a manner that is both time and cost efficient. Thorough research on social provides businesses with the background they need to engage their target audience in a more lucrative fashion that when carried out properly can facilitate lead generation, serve as advertising and help build your brand profile.

Top tips for researching on social media


Utilise the tools available to you

Use free social tracking tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Reachli and Klout to search the latest posts and trends, as well as paid resource birdsongdtt.com to identify the top social channels your followers and competitors follow and share.

Set up alerts and streams to track relevant trends to your business - this will allow you to begin identifying who the influencers are in your industry and what is important to your target customers in real time, giving you the opportunity to react.


What content do your customers engage with?

Analytics tool BirdSong is an effective way to review user engagement by the type of post, giving businesses an insight into what their followers respond to best on social media platforms. For instance: photos, status updates, links, videos and events.

Your results are likely to depend on the sector your business is in, but once you have gathered this information you can use it to create content with the valuable knowledge of what type of post or tweet encourages the most engagement from your followers. If your followers prefer images, you might consider producing more infographics and relevant visuals that will generate more social shares whilst providing your customers with consumable content such as how to guides and quizzes.


What are reputable publications in your industry talking about?

It is important to stay in touch with the latest news and developments occurring in your industry, as the topics that interest and relate to you will also be relevant to your followers.

In order to gain an accurate report of the top content in your industry, use tools such as Screaming Frog and Share Count to crawl the site of a reputable publisher selecting the content that interests your followers, extract social metrics, export and sort by social success.


Identify the top influencers

Similarly to above, select a publication or two, sort authors by their social success and relevancy using Followerwonk and Topsy - doing so will also tell you who else your key influencers write for. Finding those with the most influence in your industry gives you the opportunity to network with that person, approaching them with content that may interest their followers while accumulating content inspiration from topics that have been a social hit for them. It is worth noting here that if you have drawn inspiration from others, all your content should be unique with an individual take on the subject and your opinion where appropriate.


When is the optimal time of day to engage with your customers?

The more you engage with your customers the more they are likely to engage with your content, it is therefore vital to identify the optimal time of day to be online and share your content to ensure that your content is being read by the right people.

Creating great content for social media

At theEword we ensure that all the content we produce is entirely unique, optimised and high quality. Our team of journalists thoroughly research every blog and web page they write to provide our clients with content that will have long term value to their business.