April 6, 2018

What Facebook removing third-party targeting means for your business

Facebook has made a decision to prevent advertisers using data from third-party sources such as..

March 26, 2018

Short and sweet or bigger and better? – a study into tweet length

Twitter has recently increased it's maximum character length from 140 to 280.

Using Manchester..

January 30, 2018

Content Marketing: How to Measure Its Effectiveness

The importance of content marketing continues to rise for many businesses. When it comes to..

January 29, 2018

Social Media Influencers: 21st-century storytellers

It’s time to start investing in the social media storytellers of our time: influencers. Yes,..

January 26, 2018

How to choose the right social media influencers for your brand

So you’re thinking about starting an influencer marketing campaign! That’s because you’re wicked..

June 26, 2017

Social media marketing: which platform is best for your business?

For a business, effective social media use can, amongst other things, provide

May 25, 2017

LinkedIn Marketing: Using content strategy to generate leads

Imagine a platform that was made up of millions of professionals all looking for advice and..

May 5, 2017

Snapchat Marketing: How to use Snapchat geofilters

With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already a part of your busy marketing workload, do you..

October 7, 2016

Social media: How to avoid PR disasters

Social media is a great way to engage with your target audience, increase brand awareness and..

September 23, 2016

How brands have changed the way they leverage influencers

The way we consume content is changing - a statement which will come as a surprise to no-one.

February 4, 2016

Annoying business buzzwords that deserve to go in the bin

Buzzwords. Bleugh.

As a starter for 10, let's circle back to the actions from our last catch up and..

January 11, 2016

When to take your brand on to a new social network

Here’s the tricky decision, which all marketing folk have encountered at least once before. A new..

September 8, 2015

Digital Marketing: Making the Customer Journey Easier

No matter what your products or services are, tapping into the way your customers think is..

February 12, 2015

Twitter buys New York advertising start-up Niche

Twitter has announced its acquisition of Niche, a New York-based start-up which has been described..

February 10, 2015

Twitter reveals increase in government data requests

Twitter’s latest transparency report has revealed a huge increase in the number of requests from..

February 9, 2015

MPs call for social media hate speech ban

Social media users who use the platform to spread hatred and racism should be banned from those..

November 18, 2014

Spotify and Uber join forces

Spotify and Uber have revealed an innovative collaboration which will allow users to stream their..

November 11, 2014

Facebook to launch its non-profit Internet.org app in Kenya

Facebook has announced plans to launch its non-profit Internet.org app in Kenya later this week,..

October 29, 2014

Twitter withdraws Google Glass support

Twitter has announced that it will be permanently ending the support of its app for Google’s..

October 6, 2014

Facebook Messenger payments feature discovered

Friend-to-friend payments

September 8, 2014

Twitpic shutting down at the end of the month

Trademark dispute causes Twitpic collapse

August 28, 2014

Twitter makes Analytics available to all users

Who reads your tweets?

August 14, 2014

Survey reveals power of Facebook for local SMEs

Consumers turn to social

August 12, 2014

Twitter shares soar by 35 per cent

Twitter shares rose by 35 per cent during after-hours trading yesterday after the San..

July 3, 2014

Facebook buys start-up LiveRail

Facebook acquires LiveRail

July 1, 2014

Twitter launches mobile app promotion service

Twitter's mobile app promotion goes global

June 30, 2014

Facebook under fire over emotion experiment

Social network slammed for failing to get users' consent

June 20, 2014

Facebook goes down around the world

Facebook goes down around the world

June 16, 2014

Twitter user retention scrutinised as execs resign

Two executive resignations in one day put Twitter in the spotlight

June 3, 2014

Instagram defends terms and conditions

Instagram speaks out over nudity ban

May 22, 2014

Politicians use social ahead of elections

How politicians used social ahead of the EU elections

May 13, 2014

Twitter introduces mute

Twitter rolls out mute option

May 2, 2014

Snapchat rolls out changes to service

Snapchat reveals updates to its service

April 25, 2014

Pinterest introduces Guided Search

Pinterest helps users with Guided Search

April 17, 2014

Marketers reveal their top social platform

Facebook is most 'marketing friendly' social platform says DMA

April 11, 2014

Facebook tweaks algorithm to combat spam

'Spammy' posts tackled by Facebook

March 28, 2014

Turkey blocks YouTube after security talk leaked

Turkey reacts to security meeting leak

March 21, 2014

Turkey PM blocks Twitter in election build-up

Social media site blocked as elections loom

March 3, 2014

Oscars 2014 lights up social media

DeGeneres photo trumps Obama

February 20, 2014

Facebook spends $19 billion on WhatsApp

Zuckerberg hails "incredibly valuable" acquisition

February 7, 2014

Twitter shocks with stagnant user growth

Twitter report causes concern

January 3, 2014

Facebook facing new privacy lawsuit

Lawsuit alleges social network sold private message data

December 20, 2013

Facebook founder Zuckerberg plans to sell over 40 million shares

Zuckerberg to sell huge number of Facebook shares

November 28, 2013

Mixed reaction to Google social media robot

Google patents automated social media messaging service

November 28, 2013

Twitter share price announced

Twitter IPO details announced

November 11, 2013

YouTube comments process under scrutiny

Mixed reaction to Google changes

November 1, 2013

Twitter sued for $124 million in Manhattan lawsuit

Twitter sued for $124 million

October 28, 2013

Twitter to trade shares on the NYSE in November

Twitter IPO trial was successful

September 10, 2013

Google to roll out automatic authorship

Users can link their site to a Google+ account

September 9, 2013

Facebook encourages users to connect to global conversation

Facebook integrates with news outlets

July 8, 2013

Facebook to begin rolling out Graph Search

Tool lets users search content shared by their friends

July 1, 2013

Vine slump continues as Instagram popularity soars

Vine users plummet after Instagram arrival

June 21, 2013

Instagram launches new video feature

Instagram videos launched

May 13, 2013

Costolo steps down from Twitter UK director role

Costolo steps down from UK role

May 2, 2013

Facebook loses millions of users in US

Total Facebook users dropping

March 8, 2013

Facebook unveils redesigned News Feed

Come see the new look

February 18, 2013

Facebook hacked in sophisticated attack

Facebook reveals details of attack

February 14, 2013

66 per cent of advertisers using paid social adverts

Paid social advertising continues to grow

February 11, 2013

Facebook sued over like button

Social network challenged by Dutch patent-holding company

January 31, 2013

YouTube thought to be considering subscription service

YouTube considering subscription service

January 29, 2013

Google Plus overtakes Twitter in active users

The rise of Google+

January 22, 2013

Obama inauguration inspires a million tweets

Obama inauguration generates a million tweets

January 16, 2013

Facebook announces launch of Graph Search

Facebook gets serious about search

January 14, 2013

Facebook reports UK user rise

Two thirds of the UK uses Facebook

January 9, 2013

Twitter reveals small profits for UK operations

UK profits announced

November 16, 2012

Twitter search results become more visual

A personalised perspective

November 8, 2012

Twitter suffers massive hijack attack

Thousands of Twitter users affected by password hijack

November 6, 2012

Social media presidency statistics put Obama ahead

Social media backs Barack

November 5, 2012

Senior executives shed Facebook shares

Chief operating officer among sellers

September 27, 2012

Tweet shop opened by Kelloggs


September 25, 2012

Social media storm for NFL

NFL faces social media storm of the century

September 5, 2012

Zuckerberg vows not to sell shares for one year

Facebook's new low

August 7, 2012

Facebook files for an IPO

Facebook and the $5 billion IPO

August 7, 2012

Facebook loses its top talent

Bad news comes in threes

August 6, 2012

Curiosity tweets from Mars

Curiosity tweets

July 30, 2012

Facebook smartphone launch rumours

Facebook smartphone rumours

June 26, 2012

Microsoft buys Yammer

'Facebook for businesses' to become part of Office

June 22, 2012

Twitter hit by a cascading bug

Twitter fail

June 20, 2012

Facebook opens Olympics portal

Olympic fever hits Facebook

June 8, 2012

Facebook app store introduced

The Facebook App Centre

May 28, 2012

Teenage report causes social media rethink

Real Teen Media Habits

May 8, 2012

Facebook admits comment block mistake

Automated systems are not perfect

April 10, 2012

Facebook buys Instagram photo app

Deal worth $1bn (£630m)

March 26, 2012

Employers ask for Facebook passwords

Interviewees checked on Facebook

March 23, 2012

Facebook buys 750 IBM patents

Patents for protection

March 9, 2012

Google social ads prove effective

Google social ads help to increase click-through rates

March 2, 2012

Facebook improves page analytics

Facebook rolls out real-time analytics

February 17, 2012

Facebook introduces verified accounts

Facebook invites users to verify accounts

February 16, 2012

German state bans the Facebook Like button

No Likes allowed

January 27, 2012

Google Plus now available to teens

Google+ for teens

January 13, 2012

Facebook launches its Listen With feature

The 'Listen With' feature

January 3, 2012

Facebook Timeline unavailable in IE7

No Facebook Timeline in IE7

December 29, 2011

YouTube Slam launched

YouTube slams competition

December 23, 2011

Facebook: most-searched term of 2011

Facebook tops the 2011 charts

December 21, 2011

Doctor Who episodes to rent through Facebook

You will see the Doctor now

November 24, 2011

Traffic up on Google Plus

New lease of life for Google+

November 23, 2011

SEOmoz goes social with launch of Analytics tool

PRO social media marketing

October 28, 2011

Guardian launches Twitter bot for story searches

Guardian introduces Twitter bot

October 20, 2011

Facebook and FarmVille makers reach deal

Zynga, the makers of the popular Facebook game FarmVille, have signed a five year deal with the..

October 20, 2011

Twitter CEO steps down

On a roll

October 14, 2011

Facebook introduces translation option

Facebook integrates Bing translator into Pages

September 23, 2011

Facebook partners with Spotify and Netflix

Facebook: from social network to entertainment centre

September 20, 2011

Burberry previews 2012 collection on Twitter

Twitter preview

September 12, 2011

Twitter sues Twittad over use of trademark

Bitter Twitter

August 24, 2011

I Love Mcr campaign goes social

I love Manchester

August 10, 2011

Social media blamed for Manchester riot

Social media under the microscope

July 29, 2011

Randi Zuckerberg calls for end to online anonymity

Facebook official calls to end online anonymity

July 19, 2011

Google Plus faces early gender split problem

Males turning to Google+ in droves

July 15, 2011

Justin Bieber Twitter follower count hits 11m

Justin Bieber Twitter account receives 11m Beliebers

July 8, 2011

Twitter rallies over NOTW scandal

#NOTW trends on Twitter as paper goes under

June 29, 2011

Google introduces new project

Google+ project launch

June 24, 2011

Paid Twitter adverts to follow natural news feeds

Paid adverts set to trend on Twitter

June 17, 2011

Social media working for businesses, says report

Firms friends with Facebook

June 15, 2011

Social media helps Iceland pen a new constitution

Iceland takes a unique approach to building a constitution

June 10, 2011

Twitter sparks celebrity legal tussle

Twitter once more at centre of libel case

June 3, 2011

Facebook hints at search engine

Search giant eyes up Google's turf

May 27, 2011

Attorney General looks into Lord Sugar tweets

Lord Sugar Twitter comment attracts attention from Attorney General

May 26, 2011

YouTube celebrates with 3 billion views a day

3 billion views per day and only 6 years old

May 23, 2011

BBC photographer discovered via Twitter

Local lad gets recognition from the Beeb

May 18, 2011

Twitpic holds right to reproduce user images

Twitpic changes its terms and conditions

May 5, 2011

Google invests millions into YouTube

Cash windfall for YouTube

April 26, 2011

Teachers warned of Facebook misuse

Teachers learn lesson the hard way

April 20, 2011

Twitter wants all hands on TweetDeck

Tweeting dream

April 6, 2011

Twitter research shows value in generating money for its users

New findings about social networking site

March 22, 2011

Twitter celebrates fifth birthday

Back to work

March 18, 2011

Facebook better than Twitter

Facebook versus Twitter

March 11, 2011

Trusted friend Facebook option to help cut bullying

Trusted friend options offers outlet for abused Facebook users

March 10, 2011

Facebook to stream films

Films on Facebook

March 4, 2011

Half of UK now on Facebook

Facebook friends with half the UK

February 25, 2011

Teens more charitable thanks to Facebook

Kids are alright, thanks to Facebook

February 10, 2011

Twitter in talks with buyers

Twitter takeover?

February 4, 2011

Marketers should make most of social media says report

Social media marketers need to make the most of medium

January 28, 2011

Mixed messages surround Facebook phone

Facebook quashes link to new HTC smartphones

January 28, 2011

Katy Perry met Mark Zuckerberg and liked him

Katy Perry hung out with Facebook CEO Zuckerberg

January 26, 2011

Twitter blocked in Egypt

Twitter at centre of Arab uprisings

January 20, 2011

Facebook gets first in-app fashion shop

Social media savvy

January 18, 2011

Facebook U-turns on contact sharing apps

Raft of Criticism

January 14, 2011

Pentagon to make effective use of social media

Pentagon looks to make friends on Facebook

January 12, 2011

MySpace halves workforce

Dramatic cuts at MySpace

January 7, 2011

Bono share in Facebook revealed

Singer enjoys investment growth as Facebook expands

January 4, 2011

Facebook in deal with Goldman Sachs

More good news for Zuckerberg

December 29, 2010

Celebrities subject of Twitter death rumours

Stars feel might of Twitter rumour mill

December 23, 2010

Social media replaces Christmas card

Christmas cards no longer viable, says blog

December 22, 2010

Facebook plans TripAdvisor jaunt

Facebook offers Christmas cheer to travellers

December 17, 2010

Oldest Facebook user is 103

Lillian Lowe stays connected at 103 years old

December 10, 2010

Details of failed Microsoft Facebook buyout emerge

Executive divulges details of failed buyout

December 6, 2010

Facebook profiles overhauled

Profile revamp

December 2, 2010

World Cup dreams for UK companies

Commercial opportunities

November 26, 2010

Facebook defends NHS data link

NHS friendship a good thing, says Facebook

November 19, 2010

MySpace Facebook Mashup announced

Mashup allows Facebook/MySpace collaboration

November 17, 2010

Royal wedding creates social buzz

Royal wedding

November 16, 2010

Facebook app stops drunken posts

App plays designated driver for Facebook users

November 15, 2010

Facebook expected to launch email service

Messaging becomes mail

November 8, 2010

The British Monarchy joins Facebook

Do you Like the Queen?

November 5, 2010

Facebook sheds light on love

Facebook used for relationship study

October 29, 2010

Social media a triumph of humanity, says Twitter founder

Social media is good for society

October 29, 2010

Stars urge kids to avoid Facebook

Kids should not use net, says Hannah Montana star

October 27, 2010

Social media users welcome i

Widespread approval for i

October 26, 2010

Firefox extension opens up hacking for all

A freelance software developer from Seattle has caused a stir this week, releasing a user-friendly..

October 20, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg responds to The Social Network

Mark Zuckerberg questions The Social Network

October 15, 2010

Facebook and Skype strike a deal

Voice and video service to make friends with Facebook

October 14, 2010

Police in Manchester turn to Twitter

Tweeting policemen

October 13, 2010

In the City gets underway

In the City arrives

October 12, 2010

Social media backlash quells Gap logo initiative

American clothing giant Gap last week revealed a new logo design on their website; a rethink of the..

October 7, 2010

Facebook emerges from two-month lockdown

Redesign still to come

October 6, 2010

Unimportant posts lose you Facebook friends, says report

Study reveals reasons for Facebook break-ups

September 30, 2010

UK brands negotiate Twitter ads

Promoting tweets

September 29, 2010

Social Network stars talk Facebook

Stars speak out against Facebook

September 24, 2010

Facebook outage worst in four years

Facebook experiences largest downtime in four years

September 22, 2010

Twitter virus explained

Twitter virus

September 17, 2010

Diaspora releases code

Facebook rival publishes code

September 15, 2010

Twitter announces major overhaul

New look for social media website

September 14, 2010

John Mayer abandons Twitter

John Mayer shuns Twitter

September 13, 2010

Facebook adds social element to ad targeting

Facebook have introduced a new suite of metrics and added social context to their paid ads, in an..

September 8, 2010

Facebook hits exam results

Facebook affecting exam scores

September 6, 2010

Galaxy: the Android tablet to rival iPad

The iPad will soon have a new competitor in the form of Samsung

September 2, 2010

Open source rival to Facebook arrives

Open source social network nearing release

August 26, 2010

Facebook valued at $33 billion

Shares trading hands at double 2010 start price

August 25, 2010

Old Spice social media campaign claims award

American marketing agency Wieden + Kennedy, have been awarded an Emmy for their celebrated Old..

August 20, 2010

Ofcom releases new mobile and social media study

A new report from communications regulator Ofcom has revealed the extent of mobile and social media..

August 19, 2010

Twitter Tales launched

Micro-blogging service Twitter has launched Twitter Tales, a new service which allows users to..

August 17, 2010

North Korea joins Twitter

Twitter welcomes North Korea

August 16, 2010

Facebook panic button proves a success

CEOP safety button used 211 times in last month

August 12, 2010

MySpace reveals new-look site

Diminishing social network site MySpace is set to roll out a complete redesign of its homepage in..

August 11, 2010

Foursquare launches online store

Location-based social game Foursquare has taken the decision to open a dedicated online store. The..

August 9, 2010

Facebook sees user growth in America

Facbook has posted a rise of three million monthly active users in the United States according to..

August 6, 2010

Manchester social media picnic approaches

Social media fans are due to meet up in Manchester on Sunday for a Twitter-inspired picnic. Set to..

August 5, 2010

Google Wave terminated

Google waves farewell to Google Wave

August 2, 2010

Facebook troll prosecuted for tastelessness

Networking ban for internet troll

July 29, 2010

Women dominate social media

Over three-quarters of all women online visit a social network site, according to new research. The..

July 28, 2010

Tweet Media coming to Twitter

Social media site Twitter is experimenting with the inclusion of embedded content in news streams,..

July 23, 2010

Twitter data centre announced

Social media site Twitter is opening a custom-built data centre in order to accommodate the..

July 19, 2010

New Facebook promotion celebrates 500m users

Facebook reaches 500 million users

July 16, 2010

Old Spice social campaign applauded

The recent social media campaign from Old Spice, the American fragrance product, has been highly..

July 15, 2010

Raoul Moat Facebook page raises censorship issues

Facebook will not take down page

July 13, 2010

TweetDeck talks money

Money matters for TweetDeck

July 9, 2010

theEword to interview top Manchester account

Join theEword from 2:30pm on Twitter for a live interview with Walrus Bar, the top-ranked Twitter..

July 6, 2010

Lady Gaga most popular living person on Facebook

Gaga Facebook's most popular friend

July 1, 2010

Teenagers hint at Facebook fatigue

Teenagers shunning Facebook?

June 28, 2010

Society has Facebook on the brain, according to experts

Social media providing too many distractions

June 21, 2010

Facebook poses threat to adopted children

Agency in warning over Facebook

June 15, 2010

MTV starts search for Twitter Jockey

MTV looks for Twitter's finest

June 10, 2010

Twitter suffers from extended downtime

There was chaos on Twitter yesterday as the popular micro-blogging site suffered several hours of..

June 4, 2010

Facebook founder answers privacy questions

Mark Zuckerberg's appearance at the D8 technology conference was met with a mixed reception..

June 2, 2010

Facebook to roll out new privacy settings

Zuckerberg admits social media giant missed the mark

June 1, 2010

Upstarts look to topple Facebook

Sites look to target Facebook's limitations

May 21, 2010

UK social media in figures


May 17, 2010

YouTube celebrates 2 billion viewers

YouTube receives more than two billion views per day according to statistics released by the social..

May 11, 2010

Twitter bug resolved

Red faces at Twitter

May 7, 2010

Facebook to launch location feature

Social media site Mashable is reporting that Facebook will integrate location-based services into..

April 27, 2010

Facebook generation creating new language

Social media forging new linguistics

April 23, 2010

Twitter comes to aid of Nick Clegg

Ironic tweets show Clegg popularity

April 21, 2010

Facebook dominates social media traffic

Facebook commands lion's share of social media traffic

April 20, 2010

Social media security warning

Social media safety concerns

April 16, 2010

Google launches Follow Finder for Twitter

Google Labs have unveiled a new experimental service which allows Twitter users to view a..

April 15, 2010

MEN embraces social media

MEN general election hand revealed

April 13, 2010

Twitter advertising unveiled

Social media marketing professionals are waking up to the news that Twitter has finally unveiled..

April 9, 2010

Facebook users targeted by Electoral Commission

Facebook users will be able to register for the upcoming General Election on the site from..

April 6, 2010

Election will be fought online

Social media marketing will play a large role in deciding this year's General Election, according..

March 22, 2010

UK stays social

UK social networking usage

March 19, 2010

Facebook and Twitter link analysis

Social media marketing study published

March 16, 2010

Facebook surpasses Google

Hitwise figures show surfers flocking to Facebook

March 12, 2010

Twitter reveals new features

Social networking giant Twitter has unveiled a range of new features. The

March 11, 2010

Twitter reaches 10 billion tweets

Twitter surpasses 10 billion updates

March 3, 2010

Facebook tipped to pass milestone

Inside Facebook reveals all

March 1, 2010

Twitter suffers phishing scam

Social media marketing scams hit Twitter

February 9, 2010

Social media key for Spotify

Daniel Ek, co-founder of popular

January 27, 2010

Twitter launches Local Trends

Introducing Twitter Local Trends

January 22, 2010

Study reveals decline in Twitter growth

New data has revealed that micro-blogging site Twitter has experienced a slowdown in growth. A..

January 15, 2010

Twitpic turns a profit

Twitpic makes profit announcement

December 29, 2009

Future of Facebook considered

Facebook and the future

December 22, 2009

YouTube rolls out URL shortener

Another URL shortener surfaces

December 18, 2009

Twitter victim of hacking attempt

Twitter victim of hacking attempt

December 8, 2009

Social media arrives on real-time search

Real-time search boosts social media

December 1, 2009

Social media dominated by women

More women network online

November 28, 2009

Wikipedia suffers decline in volunteers

Wikipedia loses volunteers

November 16, 2009

Top Twitter times shown by study

Research reveals top Twitter times

November 13, 2009

LinkedIn and Twitter accounts unite

LinkedIn and Twitter work together

November 11, 2009

Appeal of corporate tweets revealed

Deals are the key on Twitter

November 6, 2009

Facebook bans ad networks

Facebook disables ad networks

October 29, 2009

Social media undervalued by business

Connected Brands Index published

October 16, 2009

Twitter introduces follower lists

Twitter trials new list feature

October 12, 2009

Twitter goes multi-lingual

Twitter branches out

October 7, 2009

Company policies on social media revealed

To tweet or not to tweet

September 25, 2009

Social media adspend doubles

Social media reaches tipping point?

September 14, 2009

Digg.com alters external link policy

Digg combats SEO spam

September 11, 2009

Twitter edges towards advertising

Twitter rewords Terms of Service

September 8, 2009

Twitter boycott highlights social media power

Social media engagement essential

August 26, 2009

Facebook B2C popularity grows

More businesses turn to Facebook

August 13, 2009

Hike in youth uptake of social media

Social media usage figures published

August 7, 2009

Massive cyber attack blamed on Russia

Russian government accused of cyber attack

July 29, 2009

Firm rumoured to be in talks to buy Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited may be sold

July 17, 2009

Mobile internet mainly used for social networking

Social Networking Most Popular

July 13, 2009

Older women flock to Facebook

Older women turn to social media

July 2, 2009

Swedish file sharing site bought

Swedish gaming company hopeful for the future of file sharing site

June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson fans crash websites worldwide

Michael Jackson's death causes surge in internet traffic

June 24, 2009

American blog bought for $15 million

US blog sold for $15 million

June 24, 2009

MySpace to cut global workforce

MySpace sheds jobs

June 18, 2009

Blogger unmasked in high-profile court ruling

Court ruling reveals name of anonymous police blogger

June 15, 2009

Facebook URLs to feature profile names

Series of numbers in Facebook URLs to be removed in favour of profile names Facebook users are..

June 11, 2009

Social networking helped Obama to presidential victory

Social media 'assisted' Obama in his campaign to become president A key figure involved in the..

June 3, 2009

Google Wave gets a warm welcome

Commentators react to social platform which unites communication technology

June 1, 2009

Paid advertising improves online retail traffic

Paid advertising has a 'positive impact'

May 26, 2009

Facebook photo delay threatens privacy

Facebook and other sites accused of a 'lazy approach' to user privacy