August 24, 2017

Manchester’s Role in LGBTQ+ History

Discover how Manchester has played a pivotal role in shaping the LGBTQ+ community and continues..

December 8, 2015

Digital Content: saying the right things at the right time

Producing and sharing the right digital content requires a solid understanding of your audience..

June 13, 2014

The World Cup: A Digital round-up

In case you hadn't noticed, the World Cup is back. For the next four weeks, homes and workplaces..

May 25, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: stock prices, search issues and secret Apple offices

Facebook highs and lows Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has had a busy week, going from..
May 18, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Steve Jobs biopic, social network woes and smartphone sales

Sorkin to write Steve Jobs biopic Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is to the pen the script for an..
May 11, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: brain surgery tweets, BlackBerry revivals and battles in court

@brain surgery The first live Twittercast of brain surgery has taken place at the Memorial..
May 4, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Facebook donors, filesharing and flourishing ebook sales

Facebook likes organ donors In a bid to connect people throughout the globe, Facebook now..
April 27, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: iPad apps, ineffective bans and improving SSL

LinkedIn iPad app LinkedIn has launched its long-awaited iPad app along with a number of..
April 20, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Cutbacks, spell check and check ins

Yahoo axe to fall Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has announced that the company intends to axe up..
April 13, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: staff loss, sleeping apps and sued publishers

Sony sheds staff Sony has reported that it will cut 10,000 jobs over the next twelve months..
March 30, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Blind driving, Beijing trips and banned Autocomplete

Driving forward Google has uploaded a video onto its Google+ profile showing Steve Mahan, a..
March 23, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Draw Something, tax cuts and Matt Cutts

Game over The 2012 budget was unveiled by the Chancellor on Wednesday, including some very..
March 16, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: SXSW, bad ads and the Beeb

BBC store The BBC director general announced this week that shows will soon be available to..
March 9, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Page layout, paid tweets and the Pope

Vatican hacked The website of the Vatican was hacked on Wednesday by individuals claiming to..
March 2, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Panda, Pinterest and Pi

Quality tweaks Google has announced that 40 changes were made during February to the way its..
February 24, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Reefs, royalty and rude pictures

Google Sea View We will soon be able to explore the seabed around the Great Barrier Reef,..
February 17, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Contacts, complaints and crooks

Contacts copycats It emerged this week that the contacts and address books of smartphone..
February 10, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Groupon, journalists and job losses

Groupon loss Group voucher company Groupon has revealed its first set of results since going..
February 3, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Firefox, fallouts & Foursquare hatred

Infuriating Firefox Another day, another Firefox. Or so it seems at the moment as the Mozilla..
January 27, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Data, Dotcom and @#~^&);

O2 owns up It was revealed on Tuesday that mobile network O2 was accidentally sharing user..
January 20, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Sharing, SOPA and Steve Jobs

Apps for life Facebook hosted a press event in San Francisco on Wednesday where it unveiled..
January 13, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Tickets, tirades and trade shows

Pay Per Con It emerged this week that Google has been running PPC ads for London Olympics..
January 6, 2012

theEweekly Wrap: Patents, PayPal and pretenders

Patent spending Google has acquired more IBM patents in a continuing purchasing drive. Around..
December 23, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Firefox, fakers and festivities

Foxy searchers It was announced this week that the search deal between Mozilla and Google has..
December 16, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Digital, dragons and disasters

Online nation The UK communications regulator Ofcom has published a report revealing the full..
December 2, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Spotify apps, bars and e-books

Google erases the bar Google has announced that its redesign of the search engine interface..
November 25, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Sarah Palin, COD and Onions

The power of suggestion The Ballymascanlon Hotel defamation case was resolved out of court..
November 18, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Rush hour, Orange and Google X

Broadband demand A study from comparison site Uswitch has revealed the peak times for..
November 11, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Google+ Pages, Flash and Angry Birds

Google+5 months= Pages Almost five months after the beta launch of its new social network,..
November 4, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: AOL, bugs and Christmas shopping

Can ads save AOL? AOL has announced its earnings for Q3 2011, and seems to be faring better..
October 28, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Nokia, Nintendo, and The X Factor USA

Newkia Mobile giant Nokia has finally unveiled a pair of new smartphones using Windows Phone..
October 21, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: social, sandwiches and Sesame Street

Social 2.0 The annual Web 2.0 Summit took place in San Francisco this week. Since 2004 the..
October 14, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Plus ones, predictions and partnerships

PPC plus Google's +1 recommending button has begun appearing on PPC ads in the UK, as..
October 7, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Acquisition, AdWords and app developers

Yahoo déjà vu Microsoft is considering making a bid to take over Yahoo, 'sources close to..
September 30, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: bids, bloggers and blunders

dotScot demand The Scottish government has asked for support from the UK's communications..
September 23, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: endorsements, adjustments and patents

Pay Per Celeb Searchers will soon be able to see what celebrities think of products and..
September 16, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Chips, apps and trolls

Google and chips Intel has announced that it will release a range of smartphones at its..
September 9, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Arrington, advertising and anorexia

Arrington's Den TechCrunch founder and editor Michael Arrington was in the spotlight this..
September 2, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Google Blogger, Groupon and a lost iPhone

Pimp my Blogger Google's popular publishing service Blogger has had a makeover. Gmail, Docs..
August 26, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Canadians, copycats and kids

Just say no Google was in trouble with the law this week after it emerged that illegal..
August 19, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: links, livestreaming and lexicography

Google suggests As well as the small matter of acquiring Motorola Mobility, Google made a few..
August 12, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Riots, rivalry and the revamped 9-1-1

BBM faces blame... Those who organised this week's riots through BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)..
August 5, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Patents, smartphones and Nein to tagging

Tagging Verboten The data protection authority in Germany has written to Facebook demanding..
July 29, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Mapping, blocking and speculating

London mapping Google has updated its Maps service for London this week to include..
July 22, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Harry Potter, Labs and Lulz

Labs' labour's lost The tech world will soon have to bid a fond farewell to Google Labs. The..
July 15, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Spotify, spies and the Story HD

Clash of the tablets Google has announced the release of the first e-reader that features the..
July 8, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Debates, domains and decisions

iPlus Following the launch of Google+ last week, the BBC has reported that the search giant..
July 1, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Myspace, music and malware

MySale Social media has-been Myspace was finally sold this week, for a fraction of the asking..
June 24, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Icann, iPhone and I hate social media

Historic approval This week saw the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers'..
June 17, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Court cases, collaborations and Project Spartan

Power networking A huge joint venture was announced this week that could revolutionise mobile..
June 10, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Consoles, Facebook tags and Panda 2.2

Sony sorry The E3 2011 conference in Los Angeles took place this week, with gaming companies..
June 3, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Prototypes, pics and the Pentagon

Windows 8 Microsoft has unveiled a prototype for a new OS, a successor to Windows 7...
May 27, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Rankings, rumours and reprimands

Penney returns USA superstore JC Penney has returned to the search engine results pages after..
May 20, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Rebranding, reviewing and record labels

Copyrights and wrongs The Hargreaves review was published on Wednesday, containing..
May 16, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Gagging, targeting and tracking

Super-injunctions crack The row over super-injunctions escalated this week as a Twitter..
May 6, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: AdWords, Renren, and the e-book boom

Policing AdWords Google has introduced more stringent requirements for AdWords users, taking..
April 28, 2011

theEweekly wrap: Takeovers, tracking and movie streaming

Movies on YouTube YouTube is set to launch a film rental service, allowing users to stream..
April 22, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Weddings, unions, and ads meet previews

Let's Elop The long-awaited mobile deal between Nokia and Microsoft was finalised this week,..
April 15, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Streaming, sales and Panda Power

Spendify Music streaming service Spotify has announced in an official blog post that services..
April 8, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Positions, privacy and presidents

All ads are equal Google has announced in an official blog that the AdWords Position..
April 1, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Dorsey returns, and Microsoft complains

EU'll be sorry Microsoft is to lodge a formal complaint with the European Commission about..
March 25, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Search, think and protest

Yahoo Instant Yahoo! has launched a new feature named Search Direct, seemingly in an attempt..
March 18, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Advice for AOL, aid from Apple, and tech takes over Texas

Private lives US consumers are to get a bill of rights regulating their online privacy,..
March 11, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Counselling, Cookies and Canines

Google breaks new toy Google purchased comparison site on Monday for a..
March 4, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: farmers, developers, and innovators

Olympics go online The official website for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games has..
February 25, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Power, speed and crashes

New Jobs? Apple shareholders have refused to disclose whether they have a planned successor..
February 18, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Child labour, Google penalties and homeless tweeters

Jobs for juniors Apple has conducted its annual investigation into its suppliers, with..
February 11, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Nokia, Singapore and M&S

Nokia burning issue praised Brother Sales & Marketing Director Phil Jones has complimented ..
February 4, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Honeycomb, Egypt and the DEA

Hunting law breakers The controversial Digital Economy Act (DEA) is to be reviewed by Ofcom..
January 28, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: China opts in, Chrome users opt out

China might The chairman of China Mobile Ltd has been in talks with Facebook's Mark..
January 21, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: free music, cheap computers and 3D gaming

Sony welcomes Spotify Rumours circulated this week that Spotify had signed a deal with Sony,..
January 14, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: Google is recruiting, SEO is booming

Copyfight Microsoft has asked the US Patent and Trademark Office to reject Apple's..
January 7, 2011

theEweekly Wrap: shares, charities, hacks and heroes

Social sharing Just five days after US investment firm Goldman Sachs began offering their..
December 31, 2010

theEword 2010 Wrap: the year in SEO and Social Media

Google The world's most popular search engine changed dramatically in the latter half of 2010..
December 17, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: Zuckerberg, Buzzwords and bees

Face of the year Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been named Person of the Year..
December 10, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: WikiLeaks, Chrome, and the power of content

Don't mention the WikiLeaks The WikiLeaks debacle escalated this week with a spate of digital..
December 3, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: YouTube, magazines, and libel reform

Gadget Britain Communications regulator Ofcom has published its fifth annual report on the..
November 26, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: Guitar Hero, social media protests and Black Friday

Sweet image rights o' mine Axl Rose, founder and frontman of faded rock band Guns N' Roses,..
November 19, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: Boutiques, Twitter, and AOL's child safety service

Next step for Facebook It didn't seem possible, but Facebook has become even more omnipotent..
November 12, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: Kindle, Kinect, and government ads

Public information Whitehall published department business models this week as part of a..
November 5, 2010

theEweekly wrap: Stephen Fry, Facebook mobile, and al-Qaida videos

Bye bye Fry Twitter wit Stephen Fry apparently quit the social media site in protest this..
October 29, 2010

theEweekly wrap: LimeWire, Tesco and the MySpace revamp

LimeWire story turns sour A four-year legal battle came to a head this week as filesharing..
October 22, 2010

theEweekly wrap: M-Commerce, data gathering and the $13million domain

Data and defence The Home Office confirmed this week that the latest strategic defence and..
October 15, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: Google, BBC advertising and AdWords court case

Coalition Transmission The BBC may be about to embark on the "unthinkable", as talks open..
October 8, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: Apple, Firefox and Street View

Firefox goes Bing The upcoming build of Firefox 4 for PC and Mac will feature Microsoft..
October 1, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: TechCrunch, WordPress and Skype

TechCrunch sold Technology blog TechCrunch was purchased this week by AOL for a tidy sum,..
September 24, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: Google Transparency, Project Webinos, and new Tablets

Universal Apps Project Webinos got off the ground this weekwith €10 million (£8.5 million) of..
September 17, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: AdWords, New Twitter and In-Game Ads

Branded Keywords Google AdWords caused controversy in Europe this week when they changed..
September 10, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: Google V Apple, Tesco Wi-Fi and Instant Censorship

Google V Apple Google is planning an assault on Apple’s music market domination, according to..
September 3, 2010

theEweekly Wrap: Ping, Twitterbook and HTML 5

Problems for Ping Just a day after theEword brought news of Apple’s new social network Ping,..
August 20, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Schmidt, Facebook Places and Yahoo

Schmidt on the social Google boss Eric Schmidt shared a warning with social media users this..
August 13, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Android, Google and Twitter

Android uprising Apple's iPhone woes continued this week after statistics revealed that..
August 6, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Social media, Google Wave, Google AdWords

On the social clock Employers in the UK will be taking a long look at their staff's internet..
July 30, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Social Sorted, Yahoo Japan, Google mobile

Socially minded theEword and Juice Digital teamed up this week for 'Social Media. Sorted'; an..
July 23, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Social media sorted, Facebook and Yahoo

Social Media Manchester theEword unveiled the 'Social Media. Sorted' event this week. Hosted..
July 16, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Tweetdeck, Google and Facebook

Tweetdeck triumph Tweetdeck, the social media monitoring software surpassed 15 million..
July 9, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Manchester Twitter, Bing and social news

The Manchester Twitter Report theEword released the Manchester Twitter report this week. The..
July 2, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Social media day, YouTube, News International

Social media day Manchester SEO and social media enthusiasts teamed up this week for the very..
June 25, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Apple, Google and Facebook

Apple of the day It's been a massive week for iPhone news. With companies desperate to jump..
June 18, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Google property, WordPress 3.0 and Twitter downtime

A place in the SERPs Google got onto the property ladder this week, launching its..
June 14, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Google, Apple and FourSquare

Lick of paint Google annoyed nearly everyone in the SEO industry this week after revealing a..
June 4, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - World Cup, YouTube, Mobile marketing

SEO Africa World Cup A new study from Hitwise has revealed the extent of World Cup fever in..
May 27, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Paid links, Facebook and Apple

Pay war Google got its war paint on this week in response to the news that a major UK..
May 22, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - this week at theEword

SEO on video This week saw the release of theEword video channel on YouTube. The inaugural..
May 14, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - theEword video diary, PPC jobs and Facebook

Diary of an SEO company This week theEword team started work on its very own video diary..
May 7, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Google changes, UK election, browser changes

Spring SERPs Google continued its spring clean by revealing a host of new features on its..
April 30, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - SAScon, SEO copywriting and SM language

SEO comes to Manchester The SEO Manchester community gather in the Bridgewater Hall this week..
April 23, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Google, Mobile Marketing, Apple

Spiderwebs A Google Webmaster Help thread has shed light on how often the search engine's..
April 16, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Webmaster Tools, Chirp and Webby Awards

Google helps SEO Google gave the SEO world goose bumps this week as it upgraded its Webmaster..
April 1, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - MySpace, marketing and internet privacy

Don't stop believing Flagging social network MySpace has teamed up with hit US drama Glee in..
March 25, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Google and China, Twitter spam and Yahoo mobile

Google's gamble Google followed through on its threat to stop censoring results from the..
March 19, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Manchester Masters, Foursquare and Facebook

Sorry to see you McC-leave Today marks the departure of Rick Roberts and Emily McCleave, the..
March 12, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Nobel prize, Bing advert and Twitter

Noble undertaking The internet may be the next winner of the Nobel Peace Prize after it was..
March 5, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Facebook's billions, Welsh anger and the ASA

Fun with facts and Facebook Facebook made headlines this week after it was estimated the firm..
February 26, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - SEO Manchester, Microsoft and Facebook

SEO Manchester Digital professionals gathered this week for the monthly Manchester SEO meet..
February 19, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Manchester Masters, MEN on Twitter and Fortune 500

Master Class This week, theEword's SEO copywriter Tom Mason appeared on the judging panel of..
February 12, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - BBC, Buzz and Bing

Hootsuite Edwards Peter Horrocks, the BBC's director for global news, has demanded..
February 5, 2010

theEweekly wrap - iPad, Google Apps and online sales

iWant one of those Popular producer of sleek electronic goods Apple finally unveiled its iPad..
January 29, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Manchester SEO, Twitter trends and Yahoo revenue

Studying Manchester SEO A Manchester SEO course has opened in the region. The SEO, PPC and..
January 22, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Haiti, Apple search engine, paywalls and Bill Gates

Internet donates for Haiti disaster The internet rallied in support of the victims of the..
January 15, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - US spelling, market share and China

World War Z Bing and Google came into the firing line this week as both companies began..
January 8, 2010

theEweekly Wrap - Google Caffeine, Facebook and the Nexus One

Groundhog January The new year has kicked off - much as 2009 did - with a Google PageRank..
December 18, 2009

theEweekly Wrap - Mashable, Google and Bing

Cashing in on Twitter Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO of social media blog Mashable has been..
November 27, 2009

theEweekly Wrap - The Guardian, Meerkats and BBC SEO

Guardian of news The team at had something to celebrate this week as the..
November 20, 2009

theEweekly Wrap - Twitter, Yahoo slump and Google Analytics Intelligence

Twitter goes commercial Twitter has hit the headlines with its plan to introduce paid-for..
November 13, 2009

theEweekly Wrap - New Bing features, Google court case and paid online news

Bing's busy week Microsoft search site Bing announced a raft of changes this week. Aside from..
November 6, 2009

theEweekly Wrap - Social age, MSN revamp and Sesame Street goes Google

Demographic principals New research has revealed the average age of social networking users...
October 23, 2009

theEweekly Wrap - U2Tube, MCR Blog Awards and Twitter's Google deal

bird eating spiders Bing and Google will begin displaying results from Twitter in search..
October 2, 2009

theEweekly Wrap

Bing not a good sharer

September 25, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 25 September 2009

A sideways look at the internet

September 11, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 11 September 2009

Support from the news stands

September 4, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 4 September 2009

A candle on Chrome's cake

August 28, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 28 August 2009

Download the cheerleader, download the world

August 7, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 7 August 2009

Sites under siege

July 31, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 31 July 2009

Premier tweets

Tottenham Hotspur footballer Darren Bent is facing disciplinary proceedings..

July 24, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 24 July 2009

Google plans moon mission

July 12, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 12 July 2009

Chrome Collaboration

June 5, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 5 June 2009

Making friends with Microsoft

May 29, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 29 May 2009

Microsoft announces new search engine

May 22, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 22 May 2009

Mistaken identi-tweets

May 15, 2009

theEweekly Wrap 15 May 2009

French foreign leechers