Teens more charitable thanks to Facebook

Kids are alright, thanks to Facebook

While some people may have you believe social media websites such as Facebook do more harm than good among young people, one study suggests these popular portals are having a positive effect on the way teenagers view charities.

The study from World Vision claims almost half of young people are becoming more aware of causes thanks to social networking.

Girls are more keen to get involved with charities online, the group found, with 41 per cent saying they will 'Like' an organisation's page on Facebook or Twitter should they agree with it. Boys are lagging behind with 27 per cent.

World Vision vice president Regina Corso believes sites like Facebook can have a strong bearing on how young people see the world. She said: "While social media may be decried by some for the time teens today spend on it, the truth is it can help today's youth learn more about important things in life."

Charity begins at homepage

Squidoo's recent Facebook charity review found the Good Samaritan application to be the best available on the network. It invites users to fill out marketing surveys, making a donation to participating charities for every completed form.

Also singled out for praise was Charity Trivia, an application which donates ten grains of rice to the UN World Food Program for each trivia question users answer correctly.