Pinterest introduces Guided Search

Pinterest helps users with Guided Search

Pinterest has introduced a new search feature to help users navigate efficiently and find pins to match their interests.

The app currently has 750 million boards and over 30 billion pins. These figures have grown 50 percent over the last six months, according to the Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann. Guided Search has been designed to help people sift through the large amount of content and identify the most relevant pins faster.

Once a user has searched for something, relevant filters will now appear. These can be tapped on and added to the search to help narrow down the results provided. For example, someone searching for 'plants' will see filters such as 'indoors', 'shade' and 'succulents', which they can tap on to bring the most relevant content to the forefront.

Hui Xu, head of the discovery team at Pinterest has said: "To help you find the best ideas, today we're introducing Guided Search. It's made for exploring, whether you know exactly what you want, or you're just starting to look around."

A mobile-first design

At the launch event for Guided Search, Silbermann said that around 75 percent of Pinterest traffic comes from mobile devices. The search tool has been designed with mobile users in mind, with emphasis placed on swiping and tapping rather than typing.

Pinterest has also added Custom Categories, which are being rolled out slowly to users. These more detailed categories will allow users to add pins to new, previously non-existent groups on the social network, and also help people to discover new types of content with greater ease.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, has said: "The new Guided Search will help Pinterest to tackle its current information overload problem by helping users to find the most relevant content so that they can continue to be interested and engaged with the app."