LinkedIn and Twitter accounts unite

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LinkedIn and Twitter work together

Social media fans can now connect their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for the very first time.

This week, the networking sites entered into a partnership that enables users to cross-promote themselves and their brands to a wider audience. The deal allows users of LinkedIn, the business-oriented social media portal, to post their LinkedIn status updates as tweets at the same time.

Twitter users have also been given the option to sync their status updates. Moreover, they can request that only tweets containing the hashtags #li or #in appear on their LinkedIn profiles, which will help filter out tweets that are unrelated to their business lives. Connecting Twitter and LinkedIn profiles should enhance the impact of status updates on the real-time search functions offered by Bing and Twitter Search.

LinkedIn values status updates

Allen Blue, LinkedIn co-founder and vice president of strategy, explained that status updates are an integral part of the professional social media platform. "LinkedIn has always been about helping you to build your professional identity on the web," he said. "Status has proved valuable to our users, from finding new assignments and jobs to kickstarting a global enterprise. Now you can amplify those messages by broadcasting them to your audience on Twitter."

Drawing together accounts is a growing trend in social media circles. Twitter clients like Tweetdeck enable account holders to post tweets simultaneously on Facebook and MySpace. And on August 10th 2009, Facebook was reported to have spent £31 million buying FriendFeed, which aggregates information from a range of social media portals on a single user-friendly site.

In the following video, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone discuss the new partnership: