Half of UK now on Facebook

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Facebook friends with half the UK

The popularity of Facebook has been underlined by new statistics. According to the Telegraph, the social networking site now has more than 30 million British users, with the average profile linking to 130 'friends'. These members generate 90 pieces of content each every month, with a total of 30 billion created worldwide over the same period.

Facebook's growth has taken off since January 2009, when the social media site had only 150 million total users. And it seems as if its size is increasing at a rapid pace, with numbers jumping from 400 million to 500 million in only five months.

In addition to the site's success, Facebook has also entered into popular culture. Last year, the story of how founder Mark Zuckerberg created the portal was immortalised in David Fincher's Oscar-nominated The Social Network, while Zuckerberg himself has appeared on an episode of The Simpsons.

Beating tweeting

Facebook is also way ahead of Twitter in the popularity stakes. Against Facebook's 500 million-plus members, the micro-blogging site only managed 100 million. Two billion tweets enter the Twittersphere every month compared to Facebook's 30 billion pieces of content, and the enterprise was recently valued at $10 billion (£6bn) compared to Facebook's $50 billion worth.

Other statistics produced by the Telegraph show MySpace to be in dire straits. In January, the former king of social networking laid off 47 per cent of its staff, while dotcom crash banker Henry Blodget recently speculated the site may actually be worth very little.