Google Plus overtakes Twitter in active users

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The rise of Google+

Google+ has overtaken Twitter in terms of active monthly users, becoming the second most popular social networking website, only surpassed by Facebook.

Google+ now has an estimated 343 million active users a month, with around 200 million using Twitter. Both networks combined cannot match Facebook, with a staggering 694 million active users, more than half of the global population which has internet access. Google+ statistics from Global Web Index revealed the extent of the social networks recent success.

This study from Global Web Index shows the growth of Google+ can largely be attributed to South Korea, which saw total membership rise by 135 per cent last year. France has also seen significant surges in popularity for Google's social network in 2012, with membership growing by 90 per cent. Further countries which saw growth for Google+ included Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands, while the United Kingdom and Ireland are still seemingly reluctant to take the service to their hearts, with minimal growth in these areas.

Twitter growth remains strong

It is perhaps no surprise that Google has taken second place, with the service becoming increasingly prominent in their search results, which are used by over 80 per cent of internet users. Google+ is also linked with YouTube, further increasing exposure to the network for internet users. If you have a Google account and are logged in or watching videos on YouTube, it counts as being logged in and an active member of Google+.

Despite falling behind Google+ in total usage statistics, Twitter continues to grow at a rapid pace, with total users increasing faster than those of Facebook. Concerns over Facebook privacy settings and the way personal data is used has seen users decline slowly in recent times.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword commented: "Google+ has been pushed significantly by the company over the past six months, and it is no surprise that their massive influence on the internet has caused users to grow. The next challenge is to increase user engagement and to help rid the service of its 'ghost town' reputation."