Facebook users targeted by Electoral Commission

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Facebook users will be able to register for the upcoming General Election on the site from Saturday, as the Electoral Commission launches a new application on the site in an effort to increase voter turnout.

The campaign, which is set to appear on every single UK account, gives individuals the opportunity to download and print a registration form.

Richard Allan, Facebook's director of policy, said that he hoped the campaign would lead to an increase in the number of registered voters.

"By joining forces with the Electoral Commission, we are now enabling our users to exercise their right to vote as well as providing them with a platform to engage with the issues," he commented.

Facebook users visiting the site over the weekend will be asked if they have registered to vote. Those individuals clicking the 'no' radio button will be sent to a page on the site and offered the opportunity to fill in an application form.

"One of the strengths we [Facebook] have is to try and capture that group, particularly the 18-24 year-old voters, who have often not turned out to vote, and use the fact that many of the things on Facebook are familiar to them to get them engaged," added Allan.

It is estimated that over 3.5 million people are eligible to vote in England and Wales are not registered. It is hoped that the campaign will encourage the 23 million UK users who are not currently on the electoral register to sign up.