Facebook to roll out new privacy settings

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Zuckerberg admits social media giant missed the mark

Officials from social media giant Facebook have admitted that mistakes have been made regarding the privacy policy of the website.

The way the company handles the data of its members has been criticised in the past, with some members even revolting by quitting the popular site. In the meantime, a number of competitors have emerged looking to take Facebook's crown by promising tighter security measures.

Company founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the website had "missed the mark" with its privacy settings - currently longer than the US Constitution - while a spokesperson claimed members would see changes as soon as this week. The representative said:

"I can confirm that our new, simpler privacy settings are starting to roll out tomorrow evening so stay tuned on our blog for more details."

Humbling experience

The recent backlash over the way Facebook treats member information has been extremely humbling for the company, said vice president of product Chris Cox. Ten privacy groups in the US filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, while the European Commission also looked into privacy issues.

Problems first arose when Facebook changed the default privacy settings on a person's profile page, meaning the member would have to manually choose not to share information with outside sources. The issue escalated in April when the site asked users to re-categorise their interests to match publicly available pages.