Facebook hints at search engine

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Search giant eyes up Google's turf

A Facebook executive has intensified the company's rivalry with Google by hinting that the social media giant will soon be moving into search.

Paul Borrud, Australian Facebook boss, commented that creating a search engine is on the firm's agenda. However, he added that Facebook will only explore the possibility if they believe they can offer a legitimate alternative to the current search market.

He said: "Just as long as what we do benefits the user and doesn't take away from their overall experience."

Facebook VS Google

Facebook's apparent flirtation with the search engine market comes as Google has admitted it missed the boat with the social networking boom.

Former CEO Eric Schmidt told the audience at a 75-minute conference Q & A on Tuesday June 1st that he "screwed up" over mounting a serious challenge to Facebook during its ascension.

Now, Schmidt's successor Larry Page is looking for ways in which Google can capitalise on the success of sites offering social interaction. This week's launch of the Google +1 button is a move in that direction, allowing friends to recommend websites to each other as they browse.

An Official Google Blog post heralded the arrival of +1: "With a single click you can recommend that raincoat, news article or favourite sci-fi movie to friends, contacts and the rest of the world."