Facebook hacked in sophisticated attack

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Facebook reveals details of attack

Facebook was compromised by hackers last month, as part of what the social media giant described as a 'sophisticated attack'.

The hacking occurred when Facebook employees visited a developer's website which had been maliciously taken over, which then downloaded tracking malware onto their personal laptop devices. The company published a Facebook security blog post revealing more details of the hacking attempt, and reassuring users that their personal data was safe.

With many Facebook users linking their credit cards to the service, security is of the upmost importance for the website and the millions of people with an active profile.

Social media security under the spotlight

The security of social media websites is a hot topic online, with Facebook privacy settings constantly called into question. Meanwhile, a recent Twitter hacking attempt caused thousands of passwords to be reset to prevent users losing access to their accounts.

With the vast majority of people having some kind of social media presence, it is no surprise that hackers look to take advantage of the potential to disrupt the services, as well as looking to use personal details for malicious reasons.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, commented: "Due to the sheer scale of Facebook, it is likely that similar attempts to gain access to data are made almost daily. It will be a worry to users that these hackers were able to compromise the website, however the swift and open way in which the company has dealt with the attack shows that their security team is working hard against potential threats. The Facebook White Hat scheme which rewards those who expose a compromise in their security systems is just one example of the work they do to keep their millions of users safe."