YouTube unveils advert leaderboard

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YouTube leaderboard reveals top adverts

YouTube has revealed a new leaderboard which will update on a monthly basis; a countdown of the most popular adverts.

The leaderboard uses an algorithm which factors in both paid and organic views, as well as how much of the video the user watches in total. The video sharing service has previously published these results on a yearly basis, with the following campaigns coming out on top in 2012:

  • 3. Volkswagen - An advert in which the Star Wars theme music is barked by a 'choir' of 11 dogs.
  • 2. Pepsi Max - Professional basketball player Kyrie Irving disguises himself as a pensioner, before joining and dominating a game with unsuspecting student players.
  • 1. Nike Football - Nike's advert to tie in with the 2012 European Championship, featuring players from the French and Dutch national teams, as well as numerous cameo roles from other nations.

These campaigns took the top spots, but perhaps the biggest winner was Old Spice, which featured four times in the top 20, the only company to appear more than once.

The rundown for April

Old Spice again enjoyed success in the inaugural monthly chart, with adverts taking the 7th and 5th positions on the April leaderboard. Nine of the top ten were English language adverts, with the only exception a Spanish advert for chocolate manufacturers Nestle in 10th.

Elsewhere on the chart was an advert for Lunchables involving a giant water balloon, Sauza Tequila featuring a male lifeguard and a puppy, Xbox 360 title Call of Duty, while a Pepsi Max commercial featuring Beyonce took fourth place.

The top three included K-Mart advertising their online ordering services, the latest instalment of Dove's 'real beauty' campaign and the winner, a collection of dancing babies from Evian.

Tom Glass, creative director at theEword commented: "This list is interesting to observe for a number of reasons. As well as providing users with the most entertaining or thought provoking adverts, marketers and businesses can also use the leaderboard to see which campaigns have been successful, providing additional ideas and inspiration for their own promotional material. We recently saw the record for YouTube views in a single day broken, and judging by the popularity of these videos it may not be long until an advert is able to take this title."