Yang to leave Yahoo

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It seems the commotion surrounding Yahoo’s various PPC and search market troubles will rumble on, with the announcement that co-founder Jerry Yang is to stand down from his role as CEO.

Speculation has been mounting about Yang’s position at Yahoo ever since he was instrumental in turning down a $33 per share offer from Microsoft to buy the company. Some sources had thought he would use the recent Web 2.0 conference to announce his departure. Instead, the search mogul merely restated his yearning for a Microsoft buy-out.

Now, with the collapse of a potentially lucrative PPC advertising tie-up with Google and a falling share price still fresh in his mind, Yang has emailed Yahoo employees to tell them he’s quitting. "I will always do what is right for this great company," he said, adding that "All of you know that I have always and will always bleed purple."

(The latter quote is thought to be a reference to Yahoo’s predominant company colour, rather than an admission of bizarre biological properties.)

Yang and Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock will head the hunt for a new CEO, looking at candidates from within the company as well as the wider business world. What all this means for pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation and paid online marketing remains to be seen.