Yandex search results to include Facebook content

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Facebook and Yandex work together

Yandex has announced a deal with Facebook, which will allow the Russian search engine to include posts from the social networking site in its search results.

Facebook content from users in such countries as Russia, Ukraine and Turkey will appear in the Blog search results from Yandex, which already includes data from other social networks including Twitter and LiveJournal as well as blog content.

Yandex has stressed that only publicly available data will be indexed. A Yandex spokesperson said: "Yandex will use data from Facebook's public firehose feed to improve the quality of its search results." All content that is classed as private will therefore not be included in its search results.

According to Yandex, the popularity of a piece of Facebook content will determine where it appears in its search results.

Bing's access to Facebook data

Bing is the only other known search engine to have access to Facebook data. In the US, the search engine has included likes, shares and recommendations since 2010.

However, Facebook hasn't always had such positive relationships with search engines. In 2012, Yahoo launched legal action against the social networking site, claiming that it had infringed 10 of its patents including advertising, networking and privacy controls. Meanwhile, Google and Facebook have also had a rocky relationship, which has seen Google remove Facebook's access to Gmail data and also take away Facebook data from its Android Contacts app.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, has said "There have been rumours that Facebook provided Yandex with access its public data at no cost. This could be highly beneficial for the social networking site, which is currently looking to achieve a higher level of user growth following the increase in competition."