Yahoo announces new search tool

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Search Pad released by Yahoo

Search engine company Yahoo has launched its long-awaited Search Pad service. The search application allows users to save previous Yahoo searches as well as giving individuals the ability to annotate notes and input additional content .

The project is designed to make online research a self-contained experience. Search Pad also allows users to print, email or share content with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Search Pad gathers user information

Larry Cornett, vice president of consumer products at Yahoo Search said the service allows users to manage their online research.

"At Yahoo Search we are committed to understanding people's intent and building the right tools to help them complete their most important tasks online. With Search Pad, Yahoo is providing an elegant solution that understands when valuable research is being conducted and offers a way to effortlessly gather information in one place. Yahoo Search Pad helps people make decisions, save their work, and share the best with friends and colleagues."

Yahoo is not the first company to attempt this type of service and Google had previously offered users a similar application, Google Notebook. This tool, much like Search Pad, also allowed users to save and modify search data. Google ceased development on the Notebook application in 2009 after it received a mixed reception from the web community.