Twitter photo-sharing service available to users

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Twitter's photo-sharing service now available

It is now possible for users across Twitter to share photos directly from the site, eradicating the need for external sites.

Previously, in order to share photos, users were required to access external sites and then link back to Twitter. With this new service, however, it will be possible for users to remain on the site and upload images to a post instantly. This facility seemingly eliminates the need for tools such as TwitPic and Yfrog.

The micro-blogging site is moving away from third-party services, offering users more integrated sharing tools. Twitter's blog revealed that it will also be offering its own link shortening device. This means that previously popular sites such as bitly, Google URL Shortener and will now be obsolete. Twitter explained that when users now add a URL address of any length, it will automatically shorten the link to just 19 characters.

Internal services protecting users

The new services attempt to limit the ability for spammers to include harmful links in tweets. Links shortened using Twitter's internal service will be checked against a list of potentially dangerous sites, reducing incidences of click fraud and malware spreading through the site. The links will have a ID but will also display a shortened version of the original URL, making users aware of the site they will be clicking through to. The new photo-sharing facility is powered by Photobucket, and this will be visible when sharing tweets via the new feature.

The changes come following Twitter's recent acquisition of TweetDeck, and also in a week that saw Apple announce Twitter integration in its iOS 5 software. Twitter's divergence from external sites sees it capitalising on its ability to become a global empire.