The demise of MIVA

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theEword’s online marketing manager, Mark Baker, offers a eulogy for the Pay-Per-Click service

MIVA, once a giant in the Pay-Per-Click world, has closed down its UK operation. All PPC campaigns on the service have been terminated and any users wishing to continue their relationship with the company are required to sign up for an account with MIVA AK inc, the US-arm of the company, now under the ownership of Adknowledge. It is a sad end for a provider which, over eight years ago, set the benchmark for what a paid search could provide.

Admittedly, MIVA’s role in our PPC campaigns declined over time. The service offered a relatively profitable channel although it never matched the success and conversion rates of Yahoo! or Google. theEword had significantly reduced its use of MIVA at the time of its closure.

Still, I will be interested to learn what the reborn MIVA can offer and theEword will be trialling the latest incarnation of the service. As a company, we pride ourselves on exploring every possible way to drive traffic to our client’s websites. Our philosophy is to leave no paths unexplored and MIVA may well become a major part of our PPC strategy over the coming weeks and months.

One issue I heard repeatedly from employees and industry peers about MIVA was its lack of transparency. MIVA never released information relating to its coverage and MIVA never offered the transparency of Yahoo! or Google’s content network. As an online marketing manager, it is my responsibility to ensure a client’s money goes to the appropriate places. I want to know which websites are running a campaign. I want to know which demographic is responding and I want to know who is clicking through.

I intend to trial the new version of MIVA for a short period of time and already I am impressed by the addition of scheduling and analytics tracking – two features that were previously unavailable. Google and their ilk have long since surpassed the early benchmarks set by MIVA. In order to reassert itself, MIVA needs to be flexible and it should be focused on providing transparent results. Maybe then, it may start to make up some of its lost ground.