September 2013 UK search engine market share stats

Trends continue

The UK search engine market share stats for September 2013 have been published by visitor counter service StatCounter Global Stats.

The results show that and received a combined total UK search volume of 88.82 per cent in September 2013. This is down by 0.29 compared to its August search engine market share; continuing a trend of decline for the search giant.

In contrast, Bing has continued its growth, achieving a new high of 6.67 per cent of UK volume, up by 0.32. Meanwhile Yahoo climbed to 3.28 per cent, and the category made up by all other search engines declined to 1.23 per cent. The remainder of the UK's top 10 search engine were AOL, Ask Jeeves, Conduit, Babylon, Webcrawler, DuckDuckGo and Baidu.

Search engine change

There were several changes to the major search engines during September. Bing unveiled its Next Phase including a new logo, new search interface and a clutch of new search features, in an effort to win users over from Google. Meanwhile, after rumours of a Google update earlier in the month, the company confirmed it had unleashed the Hummingbird algorithm update, aimed at understanding concepts and meanings rather than working solely on a keyword level.

September also saw Google celebrate its 15th birthday, marking the occasion with an interactive Piñata Doodle.

September's top search trends

According to Google Trends, the UK's fastest-rising search terms in September included Apple and its new products, the iPhone 5C, 5S and iOS7. Meanwhile new video games Grand Theft Auto V and Fifa 14 were popular search terms, along with US drama Breaking Bad. Similar terms dominated the global search trends.

Below are the UK search engine market share stats for September 2013 in full, using data from StatCounter Global Stats:

UK Search Engine September 2013 share (%) August 2013 share (%) Change
Google 88.82 89.11 -0.29
Bing 6.67 6.35 +0.32
Yahoo 3.28 3.22 +0.06
Others 1.23 1.32 -0.09