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Solving SEO ranking problems

An SEO professional has advised website owners on what steps to take if they find a key page is ranking better than another page.

When deciding rankings, search engines like Google use a range of metrics such as keyword focus, external links, internal links, meta data and age. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to meet all these SEO criteria and sometimes pages with a poor conversion focus can achieve higher rankings than optimised pages. For example, website owners may find an old piece of content reaches page one on Google while a newer page flounders.

Top five SEO tips

In an effort to counter this, Rand Fishkin, chief executive officer and co-founder of SEOMoz, has outlined his top five solutions:

  1. The 301 Redirect (or Rel Canonical) and Rebuild - Mr Fishkin suggests that site owners might find it beneficial to redirect traffic from the old page to the new page. By using a 301 redirect or rel=canonical tag, they can ensure viewers and search engine bots focus on the right page.
  2. The Content Rewrite - This tactic is best used when the content of the old site is failing to attract conversions. Put simply, site owners should rewrite pages to make the content more relevant.
  3. The Link Juice Funnel - If a site owner wants to build up a certain page in the search engine rankings, they could add more internal links from the rest of their site and reduce the number of links from the undesirable page.
  4. The Content Swap - Swapping the on-page text and meta data between the two sites is a simple way of working out whether the content is responsible for the ranking problems.
  5. The Kill 'Em with External Links - Although potentially costly and time consuming, attracting external links from other sites is a good way of boosting the profile of key pages.