Proposed changes to Google search results

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Possible Google search result changes

The European Commission is seeking comments on proposed changes to Google search results in a bid to settle an ongoing antitrust investigation.

Google has put forward a number of changes that could be made so that its labelling is clearer for desktop and mobile search results. For example, it has suggested that Google Shopping Results could be clearly classified as a Google specific page, with the Sponsored link placed in a more obvious position.

The search engine giant has also proposed that it could change around the wording of other links in search results, plainly labelling Google Image Search, Google News Search and Google Places Search. The labels would also be accompanied by an information icon, explaining that people can click on the link to view Google specialised results.

Rival links

Google has also planned for the inclusion of three Rival Links to make sure that users are aware of alternatives. It has suggested that an Other Sites link could be placed in search results, which would bring up three links to other providers offering similar services.

The European Commission is currently waiting on feedback from rivals and outside organisations, which should take around a month. If the proposed changes are broadly accepted, then Google will be expected to implement the alterations within EC countries for five years and three months.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "The proposed changes to the search results have been set up after nine months of negotiation between the European Commission and Google. It will be interesting to see the comments and feedback on the suggestions, as well as the final changes made to the search result pages.