May 2014 search engine market share revealed

By Rachel Hand topicIcon SEO

Google share down

The latest UK search engine market share stats for May 2014 have been published by visitor counter service StatCounter Global Stats.

During May, and received a combined total search volume of 89.12 per cent; a slight dip of 0.43 per cent compared to its market share in April, and its lowest since February. It has now been a year since Google claimed over 90 per cent of searches.

Bing enjoyed a rise in volume, up by 0.35 to 5.84 per cent; not quite as high as the 6 per cent it boasted at the beginning of the year. Meanwhile Yahoo also saw some growth, to 3.51 per cent of total volume, while the 'other' search engines category saw a dip to 1.53.

May's search developments

As usual, AOL and Ask Jeeves were chief among this category. However, DuckDuckGo has climbed to next in the list, making it the UK's 6th search engine with 0.17 per cent. That share could be set to rise as it was announced on Monday that Apple is making DuckDuckGo available in Safari. A redesigned site with new search features was also launched in beta, set for general release this month.

Google meanwhile rolled out two algorithm updates in late May, with Panda 4.0 expected to affect 7.5 per cent of English language queries. One of the early casualties appeared to be eBay, but speculation remains as to whether it was the algorithm update or a manual penalty. Google has begun allowing members of the public to impact its search results too, with the launch of a right to be forgotten form in the EU.

How we searched in May

According to Google Trends, the fastest rising search term in May was Eurovision 2014, with the event itself also being a rising YouTube trend, and winner Conchita Wurst topping the image search list. Meanwhile Katie Price, Godzilla and UKIP also a surge in interest, due to husband trouble, movie releases and elections respectively. Exam season was also reflected in search trends, with AQA and BBC Bitesize seeing increased interest.

Below are the May 2014 UK search engine market share stats in full, using data from StatCounter Global Stats:

UK Search Engine May 2014 share (%) April 2014 share (%) Change
Google 89.12 89.55 -0.43
Bing 5.84 5.49 +0.35
Yahoo 3.51 3.29 +0.22
Others 1.53 1.67 -0.14