March 2014 UK search engine market share

By Rachel Hand topicIcon SEO

Gains and losses in March

The March 2014 UK search engine market share stats have been revealed by visitor counter service StatCounter Global Stats.

The results show that during March 2014, and received a combined total UK search volume of 89.22 per cent; this is a jump of 0.62 per cent compared to the market share it had in February. This reverses Google's recent fortunes, and is the first time the search giant has climbed above 89 per cent of volume since August 2013.

On the other hand, Bing dipped by 0.45 to achieve 5.93 per cent of UK volume; the Microsoft search engine has seen positive growth in recent months, and was last under 6 per cent in November. Yahoo also declined to 3.22 per cent of total volume, while the 'Other search engines' category saw a small increase to 1.63. Some of the most-used search engines within this category include Ask Jeeves, AOL and DuckDuckGo.

Meanwhile in mobile search, StatCounter's data shows Google received 95.73 of search volume; great news for the company, as many predict 2014 will be the year mobile surpasses desktop.

March search changes

Developments in the search industry last month included Google penalising a guest blog network for unnatural linking, as well as link spammers in Italy, Spain and Greece. Meanwhile head of webspam Matt Cutts appeared in a video clarifying what constitutes a paid link.

How the UK searched in March

According to Google Trends, the UK's fastest-rising search terms in March related predominantly to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The Oscars also saw plenty of search interest, as did new game craze Guess The Emoji. The most popular product searches on Google Shopping included Frozen on DVD and garden furniture, while the Oscars and hit song Selfie were the most searched-for terms on YouTube.

Below are the March 2014 UK search engine market share stats in full, using data from StatCounter Global Stats:

UK Search Engine March 2014 share (%) February 2014 share (%) Change
Google 89.22 88.6 +0.62
Bing 5.93 6.38 -0.45
Yahoo 3.22 3.44 -0.22
Others 1.63 1.58 +0.05