July 2014 UK search engine market share revealed

By James Riches topicIcon SEO

Slight dip for Google as Bing and Yahoo gain ground

The UK's search market share for July 2014 has been unveiled by visitor calculating service StatCounter Global Stats.

They reveal that Google's share has dipped below 89 per cent for the first time since February, with a final search volume percentage of 88.82 seeing it lose nearly half a per cent.

Yahoo took the lion's share of this, jumping from 3.55 per cent to 3.88 per cent, while Bing's volume increased from 5.94 per cent to 6.1 per cent.

A final category comprised of 'other' search engines such as Ask Jeeves, AOL, DuckDuckGo and AVG Search has seen a small drop since June, slipping back from 1.24 per cent to 1.2 per cent.

Google was as dominant as ever when it came to mobile search volume, taking a 93.86 per cent share that is just slightly down on last month. Yahoo made decent gains in this area, rising from 3.77 per cent to 4.52 per cent, but Bing continues to perform poorly, achieving a meagre 1.35 volume share.

Search news in July

The 'right to be forgotten' is an issue that is far from resolved, with all three major search engines meeting in Brussels to discuss the implications of EU rulings on the matter.

Elsewhere, Google rolled out a major update to its local search algorithm, as site owners rushed to ascertain the effects of Google Pigeon on results.

Google's dominance of mobile search could be bad news for sites that have not optimised their site for this format. Google will now place an indicator on any site it believes is incompatible with your device, potentially highlighting a site's failings for all to see.

July search trends

After last month's searches were dominated by the World Cup, it should perhaps come as no surprise that July's hot topic was the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, in which all the home nations achieved plenty of medal success. Cycling's Tour de France also grabbed a lot of attention in news searches.

Additionally, it appears that even when there is no football being broadcast, fans still need their fix, with 'Arsenal transfer news' and 'Man Utd' among the top search terms.

Away from sport, the ongoing conflict in Gaza has dominated the news searches, with 'Gaza' and 'Israel' both seeing a spike in search volume. Disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris also figured highly in a month that featured the conclusion of his trial and sentencing.

The UK search market share stats for July, as provided by StatCounter Global Stats, are outlined below:

UK Search Engine July 2014 share (%) June 2014 share (%) Change
Google 88.82 89.27 -0.45
Bing 6.1 5.94 +0.16
Yahoo 3.88 3.55 +0.33
Others 1.2 1.24 -0.04