How to avoid penalties from blog comments

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How to avoid Google penalties from blog comments

Head of search spam at Google Matt Cutts has used a recent video to talk about blog comments and link spam.

While leaving blog comments and links to a site is not directly spam, it is something that can be abused. For example, certain site owners still use their company name and keyword rich anchor text in blog comments, despite Google cracking down on spammy links and many blog owners using nofollow tags on links to discourage comment spam.

Cutts said that leaving relevant comments on relevant sites is still completely acceptable. This is something that he regularly chooses to do himself, as he uses blog comments to debunk SEO theories and will often include a link to related information and guidance.

Tips for blog commenting

Matt Cutts did warn people about leaving certain types of comments that could be considered as spam. When leaving comments on a site, he recommended that people:

  1. Use their real name rather than the company name or a keyword they want their site to rank for.
  2. Don't use blog commenting as a primary link building strategy, as it could be seen as a link scheme.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, has said: "A blog comment should be used to add value or an opinion to a blog and can even link to a relevant site or resource. Excessive use of blog comments to build links to a site is a spammy and often ineffective strategy that is likely to lead to a penalty from Google."