Google up in April search engine market share

By Rachel Hand topicIcon SEO

Google up again

The latest UK search engine market share stats for April 2014 have been revealed by visitor counter service StatCounter Global Stats.

The results show that during April, and received a combined total search volume of 89.55 per cent; an increase of 0.33 per cent compared to its March search market share. It continues the search giant's sudden climb last month, following several months under the 89 per cent mark.

Bing also continued last month's trend, dipping by 0.44 to a 5.49 per cent share of UK volume; the lowest it has been since April 2013. Meanwhile Yahoo grew slightly to 3.29 per cent of total volume, while the category made up of all other search engines saw a small increase to 1.67. Front runners among these search engines include Ask Jeeves, AOL, DuckDuckGo and

April search news

Despite such a weak search engine market share, Yahoo reported a strong 84 per cent rise in income year-on-year, and announced it is planning on developing its own original TV series. Meanwhile Microsoft launched an ad-free version of Bing for schools, and also unveiled its digital personal assistant Cortana. The Siri competitor is set to be closely integrated with Bing on the next Windows Phone software update.

What we searched for in April

According to Google Trends, April's fastest rising search terms were dominated by sports, with the Grand National, London Marathon, WWE and 'football scores' all in the top 10. A huge number of people also searched for information following the shock death of Peaches Geldof. The return of Game of Thrones, a big storyline in EastEnders, and hit film Frozen also featured. In April Google also added search trend alerts so users can keep track of any topics or keywords that interest them.

Below are the April 2014 UK search engine market share stats in full, using data from StatCounter Global Stats:

UK Search Engine April 2014 share (%) March 2014 share (%) Change
Google 89.55 89.22 +0.33
Bing 5.49 5.93 -0.44
Yahoo 3.29 3.22 +0.07
Others 1.67 1.63 +0.04