Google stays put in August 2014 search market share

By James Riches topicIcon SEO

Google repeats performance as Yahoo gains on Bing

Google has retained its share of the UK search market share for this month, according to figures released by visitor calculating service StatCounter Global Stats.

It maintains an 88.82 per cent share, continuing its long-held dominance over the market. Elsewhere, Yahoo appears to have taken nearly 0.3 per cent of Bing's July share, closing the gap between the two.

Others including AOL, AVG and Ask Jeeves are included in a cluster of smaller search engines that together took 1.23 per cent of the market.

Google was even more dominant when it came to mobile share, enjoying a 93.57 per cent share, with Yahoo at 4.82 per cent and Bing continuing to languish on just 1.39 per cent.

August search news

Google has been busy launching or updating services this month, including News Publisher Center and two updates to Adwords. It has also announced it will be discontinuing Google Authorship and will no longer display this data in search results.

Additionally, Google head of search Amit Singhal celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company's IPO by revealing his top 10 achievements of the last decade.

The search engine also had to respond when concerned site owners reported receiving an extortion email threatening to perform "negative SEO" on their site if they did not pay $1,500.

August search trends

There can't be many people left to be nominated for the ALS charity Ice Bucket Challenge by now. This latest online craze saw a surge in searches throughout the month, as people rushed to find the most creative videos or celebrity efforts.

The sudden and tragic death of Robin Williams also received a lot of attention, as stunned fans of the actor and comedian rushed to find the latest reports on his passing.

The start of the Premier League season garnered most of the sporting attention, with Fantasy Football fans looking for leagues to join. The transfer window also attracted search queries for Manchester United and controversial Italian striker Mario Balotelli, who joined Liverpool midway through the month.

Other news stories that piqued the interest of readers included GCSE results, the Ebola outbreak and the police raid on singer Sir Cliff Richard's home.

The UK search market share stats for August, as provided by StatCounter Global Stats, are outlined below:

UK Search Engine August 2014 share (%) July 2014 share (%) Change
Google 88.82 88.82 0
Bing 5.79 6.1 -0.31
Yahoo 4.16 3.88 +0.28
Others 1.23 1.2 +0.03