Google rising in search engine market share again

By Rachel Hand topicIcon SEO

Google up, Bing down

UK search engine market share stats for September 2011 have been published by Experian Hitwise.

For the four weeks ending 10th September 2011, and achieved a combined total of 90.99 per cent of search volume, a small increase compared to the company's August 2011 search engine market share. Meanwhile, the Search Alliance of Bing and Yahoo suffered small losses of 0.24 per cent and 0.06 per cent respectively. Ask is steady at 1.45 per cent, while 1.43 per cent of all searches used none of the above.

The latest stats give Yahoo and Bing a combined total of 6.13 per cent of search volume. Six months ago in March 2011, that stood at 7.29 per cent. The Search Alliance means that the Yahoo search engine now displays results from Bing's index, and site owners have been advised to switch to Microsoft Webmaster Tools before Yahoo Site Explorer goes offline for good.

theEword's managing editor Richard Frost said: "Google has held over 90 per cent of search engine market share since April, occasionally edging towards 91 per cent. Meanwhile, if you look at the two Search Alliance companies, their total has fallen steadily over the past six months. The partnership makes sense from Bing's perspective, but Yahoo fired CEO Carol Bartz by phone earlier in the month, which suggests the smaller company may be in crisis."

Search trends this week

For the week ending 10th September 2011, the fastest rising search terms were dominated by both Amanda Holden and Reese Witherspoon's respective car accidents, as well as Hurricane Katia, the tail end of which hit the UK this week. Meanwhile, social media trends paid tribute to Mike Dye, the football fan killed at the England v Wales match on Tuesday 6th September .

UK Search Engine September 2011 share (%) August 2011 share (%) Change
Google 90.99 90.66 +0.33
Bing 3.63 3.87 -0.24
Yahoo 2.50 2.56 -0.06
Ask 1.45 1.37 +0.08
Others 1.43 1.54 -0.11