Google gains in search engine market share

Slow and steady winning the race

Intelligence service Experian Hitwise has published the latest search engine market stats for the UK.

The data reveals that the situation for Google is slowly but steadily improving, exhibiting further gains on their April 2011 search engine market share. was used for 85.05 per cent of searches for the four weeks ending 7th May 2011, which combined with searches on, makes a total of 90.56 per cent. This is up by 0.54 points on April 2011; meanwhile, losses were suffered by Bing and Yahoo, leaving them with 4.05 and 2.7 per cent of the search engine market respectively.

Interestingly, when considering search engine market share in terms of visits, Google appears to have a less impressive share at 82.98 per cent. This may imply that where Google is the search engine of choice, users are performing more searches.

In the UK, Google retained the top spot for most visited site, obtaining 9.12 per cent compared to runner-up Facebook's 7.27 per cent. In the US, meanwhile, Facebook achieved 10.4 per cent while Google obtained 7.94 per cent of visits.

Popular terms

The most popular search terms this week were mainly to do with the death of Osama bin Laden, with 'pictures' and 'jokes' proving particularly popular. Rumours of Prince Harry's 'hilarious' best man speech at the royal wedding last Friday were also reflected in the stats.

UK Search Engine May 2011 share (%) April 2011 share (%) Change
Google 90.56 90.02 +0.54
Bing 4.05 4.24 -0.19
Yahoo 2.70 2.93 -0.23