Google for Nonprofits launched in the UK

By Danielle Middleton topicIcon SEO

Google for Nonprofits

This morning Google announced on its blog that the Google for Nonprofits program will allow UK charities to access Google tools for free.

The program has been up and running in the US since 2011, but the search engine giant has now given the same advantages to UK based nonprofit organisations.

What are the benefits?

These organisations will be able to use products that businesses have to pay for, including: up to $10,000 (£6,647) in AdWords vouchers per month, the collaborative and communicative apps suite, and premium features on YouTube and Google Earth Outreach.

The aim of enabling access to these features, is that charities can then enhance their websites and drive more donors to their sites, where they will then be able to make donations quickly and simply.

Dan Cobley, Managing Director of Google in the UK said: "Through Google for Nonprofits, we want to support the incredible work of charitable organisations in the UK by eliminating some of the technical challenges and costs that they face.

"We hope our technology will help them to reach more donors, improve operations and raise awareness so they can focus on changing the world for the better."

Google and charities

The charities that sign up will be able to use Google's resources to promote their brand, communicate with colleagues in different cities and countries easily and with the use of Google AdWords they will be able to advertise in relevant searches.

Google has opened the door to these resources for nonprofit organisations in the UK following the Google Global Impact Challenge, and to urge charities to follow in the footsteps of other nonprofits who have already benefited from Google's tools.

The company stated in their blog:

Over the years, Google has donated over $1 billion worth of products to nonprofits, and several UK organisations are already using our tools. BeatBullying, a charity that fights online bullying, uses Google Apps to enable more sharing and collaboration amongst colleagues; the Royal National Lifeboat Institution uses Google AdWords and YouTube to raise awareness and recruit more supporters.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword said: "Google encouraging nonprofit organisations to utilise their extensive knowledge and resources can only be a good thing, and hopefully will do as they say and better advertising will drive donations to the places they really need to go."