Google explains custom search enhancements

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Google encourages users to tailor SERPs

Google is stepping up efforts to bring greater customisation to search results.

In May 2009, users were first presented with a 'Show options' button on all SERPS, which brought up the Search Options sidebar. This offered browsers a range of options to refine their query such as only requesting content produced in the last year or showing additional text for all entries. Now, Google has rolled out nine new Search Options tools that could potentially increase conversion rates for optimised websites.

Among the changes, users can limit results to those published in the past hour or within a specific date range. Another feature is the ability to filter out pages that have already been visited or those that have not been clicked on before, which could help browsers relocate trusted authority sites more easily.

Users can request more shopping sites

And digital marketers may be particularly interested to learn about an option to request a greater proportion of shopping sites. Google product manager Nundu Janakriam and software engineer Patrick Riley explained: "This can be particularly helpful when you're researching something you've already explored and you want to return right where you let off. To use this option, you'll need to be signed into your Google account and have web history enabled."

Earlier this week, Google incorporated real-time search analytics Hot Trends into mainstream SERPs in the US and Japan. The development means browsers searching for any of the 100 fastest-rising terms get graphs and text showing how its popularity has changed over recent days.