Google expands Search field trial

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Google trials new search feature

Google is running a search field trial where users can preview upcoming features.

Google has expanded its trial so that users can sign up to an experimental feature where they are able to view results from Gmail when searching on from their desktop, iOS and Android phone.

Google already allows you to view information and status updates for upcoming flights when you search for [my flights]. This search query results in relevant information appearing directly on the search results pages, creating a more personalised search experience.

In the trial, personal Gmail results appear on the right hand side of the search page for any query. Users can also type in [my purchases] to view and track your Amazon purchases, [my restaurant reservation] to bring up travel plans from Google Drive and OpenTable bookings and [my hotel reservation] to look at accommodation details. Google has also included [my events] in its experimental search function, which brings up information from Ticketmaster or Eventbrite about your upcoming events.

Gmail and Google Drive updates

In the Gmail search feature, users can instantly see relevant emails and Google Drive results as they type. Google Drive information is also available in The field trail and experimental search feature are available for users with addresses in both the US and England. Currently, Google Apps accounts can't sign up to the experiment.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "The search field trial shows that Google is continuing to strive to make its search results more personal as people can view individual flight, hotel and event details to enjoy a more bespoke user experience."