Google can predict box office success

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Box office hit?

Google has claimed that it is able to predict whether or not a film will be a box office success with 92 percent accuracy in a recently released whitepaper.

By analysing search query and paid click volume over the seven days before a release date, the search engine giant states that it can forecast the success a movie's opening weekend.

When one film gets around 250,000 more search queries than another similar movie, the film with the additional attention will tend to make around $4.3 million (£2.8 million) more than the other over the opening weekend, according to Google.

It also found that if a movie generates around 20,000 more paid clicks that another comparable film, it can expect to make an extra $7.5 million (£4.8 million).

Importance of digital engagement

The whitepaper also found that Google searches in the movie category are up by 56 percent from last year, suggesting that an increasing number of people are looking for additional online information and digital engagement.

Google also discovered a pattern appearing with regards to film-specific title keywords and more generic keywords, where specific search queries are typically higher during release weeks, while broader search terms are used during slower period.

In the whitepaper, Google said: "For film marketers, understanding these patterns can present a substantial opportunity. By adjusting search marketing strategies to these trends, marketers can either capture the attention of the "curious" moviegoer, or deepen audience engagement with a blockbuster title."

Rachel Hand, head of content at theEword said: "This data is valuable for all marketers, highlighting the importance of analysing search trends, tailoring your strategy around the results and having searchable content available for the user to engage with."