Google brings sites up to speed

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Google has announced the availability of a new Site Speed report on the updated Google Analytics platform. With the Site Speed report, users can now measure the page load time across their site.

The company has recently been focusing on speed and making the web faster, and its research showed many website owners share the same idea. Their goal is a faster web for both users and businesses. It discovered slow loading landing pages have an effect on conversion rate and can impact AdWords Landing Page Quality and ranking in Google search.

To optimise page performance, site owners need to measure the speed at which a page loads. Now Google is making it easier to do precisely that.

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An important use of the Site Speed report is to measure speed for significant pages and find out where the fastest regions and browsers are.

Other uses of the Site Speed Report include gauging content to ascertain which landing pages are the slowest, varying traffic sources and which campaigns correspond to quicker page loads overall and regional variations such as how page load times vary in different locations. As well as sorting out this data, it can determine if a site loads quicker or slower in different browsers.

In addition to the Site Speed report, Google has created a custom report that can be used to track page load data in more detail.

Google has recently been showcasing the new version of Google Analytics, which is currently available in beta to all Analytics users. Updates on Google Analytics can now be found via Twitter.