Google continues to improve Knowledge Graph

By Andy Williams topicIcon SEO, Google, Search News

Research by Search Engine Land has revealed that Google is continuing to expand Knowledge Graph in the US by including hotel booking information within city searches.

Knowledge Graph gathers data from a wide range of sources, and is providing users with increasing amounts of relevant information.

For example, if users in the States search for a major city such as Detroit they will now see hotel information below the city map and current weather conditions. This includes hotel average star ratings, costs and the option to “view hotels”.

By clicking “view hotels”, users are taken to a page with listings for the relevant city.

In addition, Knowledge Graph in the US now includes answers to health questions, but it remains to be seen when both will be unveiled on this side of the Atlantic.

Google always tinkering

Google is always moving quickly to overhaul its search results. Only last year it removed its carousel feature, a short lived experiment which clumsily displayed listings horizontally at the top of search results.

Hotels were listed with a “Book a room” link that wasn’t clearly displayed. Their inclusion in Knowledge Graph will be seen as a method of further improving overall user experience.

What does Knowledge Graph mean for marketers?

According to Search Engine Land, one fifth of search results now include Knowledge Graph features.

It has had a huge impact on Wikipedia’s website traffic, with page views declining 21% since its introduction in 2012.

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