Eventful week continues for Google

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Interesting week at Google continues

The past week has seen a number of small yet intriguing updates emerge from Google, offering a small insight into the latest developments at the company.

The first interesting piece of news came on the weekend, when it was discovered that Google searches were returning results from Bing. This issue was discovered by Google fairly quickly, with the offending results removed, with no further searches from the biggest rival to the leading search engine currently being displayed.

It emerged that while Google blocks URL's which follow the format of 'www.bing.com/search', they were not previously blocking those which were structured in the format of 'www.bing.com/entities/search'. This has now been corrected, presumably by a rather red-faced Google employee.

A further change was noted this week within search results, with Google choosing to display the name of a website rather than the full URL. For example, instead of http://en.wikipedia.org/, results will now simply show 'Wikipedia'.

Matt Cutts speaks out

Matt Cutts, head of search spam at Google, is a widely respected figure within the world of SEO, with his statements carrying a great deal of significance. With this in mind, concerned individuals will have been relieved to hear Cutts answer a question on the difference between strong and bold tags, confirmed that they carry the same weight when it comes to determining rankings.

This was revisiting a previous question from 2006, with Cutts confirming that so much had changed at Google in the past seven years, this was not an area that should cause webmasters concern.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword commented: "While none of this news will have a major impact on the web, it is certainly interesting to keep up with the latest developments at Google. The changes to the display of search results is perhaps the most intriguing of all, hinting at more significant updates to SERPS in the future."