Bing launches Webmaster Guidelines

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SEO for Bing

New Bing Webmaster Guidelines have been launched which offer insight on how to optimise a site for the search engine.

Designed to provide business owners with a better understanding of search marketing, Bing looks at how site owners can help the search engine to find, index and rank content. Emphasising the importance of an effective SEO strategy, the guidelines state: "Search engine optimization is a valid practice which seeks to improve a website, making content easier to find and more relevant."

According to the Bing Webmaster Guidelines, the main areas of focus to consider when optimising a site for the search engine should be:

  • Content - Bing flags content as an important factor it considers when determining where a page should rank. It states that engaging, rich and easy to find content is key along with clear and relevant title, meta description, alt and H1 tags.
  • Links - a thoughtful internal link strategy is vital, while a list of relevant external links that gradually grows overtime can help to give your content a vote of confidence.
  • Indexation - an up-to-date sitemap can help Bing to find and index content. A clean simple navigational and URL structure can also help the Bingbot to find pages.
  • Social - Bing says that it views social shares as a positive signal that could have an effect on page rankings in the long run.
  • Technical SEO - page load time, Robots.txt, site technology, redirects and canonical tags should also be considered when optimising a site for the search engine.

Things to avoid

Within its Webmaster Guidelines, Bing also looks at what site owners should avoid in order to achieve the best possible rankings. Cloaking - where the user and Bingbot see different versions of a webpage - would have a negative impact, along with link and social media schemes, meta refresh redirects and duplicate content.

Natalie Booth, online marketing manager at theEword said: "The introduction of Bing Webmaster Guidelines gives business owners an opportunity to optimise their sites by highlighting the key factors to consider when constructing an SEO strategy for improved rankings."