Bing confirms Wolfram partnership

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Bing-Wolfram made official

Microsoft has finally gone public on its partnership with Wolfram|Alpha and explained how Bing will be affected.

Back in August, we reported that the two companies were believed to have struck a search licensing agreement. Microsoft has now confirmed that Bing will incorporate structured data provided by Wolfram, which describes itself as a "computational knowledge engine". Bing search results in the US will change over the next few days as Microsoft gradually rolls out the fruits of the partnership.

The effect on Bing search results

The first stage of the project will affect search results for two categories - food and mathematics. With regards to food, Microsoft will introduce a tab at the bottom of page one outlining nutritional information on a variety of foodstuffs. It will also incorporate Wolfram's interactive body mass index to allow consumers to track their workout progress online. Moving onto mathematics, Bing will incorporate Wolfram's ability to plot graphs, solve complex equations and provide relevant formulas.

Positive step for informational search

Mark Baker, online marketing manager at theEword, said: "This looks like a good move for informational search but, in terms of e-commerce and revenue generation, I'm unsure of the impact. As with any new development, only time will tell. Having said that, it looks great for students and I wish they had this when I was back at university."

In related news, Microsoft has outlined several more additions to Bing. The company has improved results for hundreds of travel destination pages, including linking to the most useful information directly and providing high-resolution picture galleries. And it has given a more prominent position to the expansion button, which enables users to get more information about individual links without having to click and load websites.