A real-time FA Cup final

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The world's biggest football game moves into social media

The latest trends in social media combined with the FA Cup final 2009 over the weekend.

Micro-blogging site Twitter and audio comment service AudioBoo were integrated into ITV.com's football section for followers of the Everton and Chelsea match at Wembley Stadium.

The site displayed real-time reactions from fans while a moderation team worked to ensure that valid 'tweets' went live onto the ITV.com site within 30 seconds of being posted.

It also monitored the content of the text and audio feeds, making any deletions where necessary.

Aiming to reflect the online 'noise' surrounding the match, the unique experiment used Twitterfall - a site that 'cascades' comments made on Twitter.

The tool was embedded into the ITV site, displaying 'tweets' about the game between the Merseyside and West London teams, players and any other related issues.

Supporters were also able to see which player in the FA Cup final generated the most comments on Twitter; with team members' names and faces appearing alongside bars which moved up and down to reflect the buzz around each one.

Post FA Cup final analysis

Twitterfall was also available after the match so users could scale along a timeline to see which players were attracting attention at crucial moments.

Followers with iPhones could submit their thoughts using AudioBoo. Comments could be submitted to the site for other followers to hear.

Dominic Cameron, managing director of ITV.com, said he hopes the experiment will 'pave the way' for similar integrated sites for football fans in the future.