Improvements to Google AdWords reporting

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Reporting for Google AdWords changes

Users of Google AdWords are set to benefit from increased ease of reporting, following the introduction of an integrated platform for campaigns.

A post on the official Google Analytics blog gave further details on how these changes would impact on reporting, with one of the most significant changes relating to campaigns which have changed names over time.

The example given by AdWords shows a campaign which was initially called 'Big Deal', before evolving to 'Big Deals' and eventually 'Big Deal - Car Accessories'. Previously, the data for this campaign would have been shown in three separate rows under their individual names. However, with the new integrated platform set to be introduced, data would be combined as one continuous campaign, greatly reducing the total time spent on reporting.

Richer AdWords reporting

In addition to this change, the newly integrated platform allows users to show or hide data for auto-tagged AdWords accounts. This is done by linking or unlinking the account to a designated profile. If an AdWords account is unlinked from the profile by a user, all historical data regarding the account would be hidden, with this information making up part of the 'not set' keyword data.

The blog post from Google AdWords went on to explain that further changes were on the way to help benefit campaign reporting, stating:

"The new integration is laying the foundation for adding new AdWords dimensions quickly and for creating new reports with speed. Very soon, advertisers would be able to access reports based on their Enhanced Campaigns' targeting settings; reports containing rich information to help fine tune ads targeting settings and bid adjustments for improved ROI"

Matthew Lawson, senior PPC executive at theEword commented: "This change looks set to be beneficial for AdWords users, with easier access to data and improved speed of reporting. In addition to this change, it would appear likely that further improvements are on the way, with the functionality of AdWords set to improve further still, as with the recent introduction of the Keyword Planner."