Google starts display advertising campaign

Advertising adverts

Google made a bold movement into display advertising today by launching its own display advertising campaign. 'Watch This Space' aims to let advertisers and agencies know that Google's display advertising is an attention-grabbing and profitable way of marketing.

The adverts appeared online this morning, and will launch in outdoor display ads and in the press next week. According to Brand Republic, this will include LCD panel ads in escalators of Underground stations nearest to London's top agencies. The campaign is attempting to highlight Google's ethos for display advertising: simplicity, creativity, targeting, and performance analysis, opening up the 'ecosystem' to new brands along the way.

A blog post by Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Management, stated that "Display advertising has come a long way from the ugly banner ads and pop-ups of the mid 1990s", and is no longer "all about four lines of text". In fact, 40 per cent of ads shown by Google are now non-text, outside of search results.

Display Network

In June this year, the Google Display Network was created, offering text, image, rich media and video ads across several Google properties, including Blogger, Gmail and YouTube. The network allows advertisers to purchase display ad space in real-time, target ads accordingly, and monitor their success.

More recently, a keynote speech at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's 2010 conference by Mohan and media and platforms MD Barry Salzman suggested an even stronger commitment to display. They estimated that by 2015, half of all banners would feature video, whilst 75 per cent would incorporate social media. They showcased ads with a built-in live stream and experimental augmented reality ads, with Salzman commenting: "The golden age of display is right before us".