Bing outperforms Google for advertising interest

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Bing outperforms Google in advertising click-through rates

Web browsers trying out the new search engine Bing are 55 per cent more likely to click on ads than Google users, according to a study which interest Manchester SEO marketers.

Research from search advertising network Chitika indicated that Bing users clicked on 33,558 adverts out of a total of 2,236,366 impressions.
This represents an overall click-through rate of 1.5 per cent for Microsoft's search engine.

Google users made 260,518 click-throughs out of a total of 26,929,367 impressions - an ad click-through rate of 0.97 per cent.
Yahoo recorded 39,008 clicks from 3,147,648 impressions, giving it a click-through rate of 1.24 per cent.

One week study of online search behaviour

The study is based on web browser habits across over 50,000 websites during one week in July, 2009.

While acknowledging the high click-through rates of Bing users, Dan Ruby, director of marketing at Chitika, told MediaPost that Microsoft "has a lot to do to retain these people".

He added: "Many of these consumers are influenced by ads. What if Google starts a large ad campaign? Will they switch back to Google?"
Bing was launched in the UK in June 2009 as a successor to MSN Live Search.

Microsoft claims the search engine provides the most intuitive search results on the web by grouping a range of websites around the initial keyword query. The application has been described as a 'decision making' engine. Many industry analysts have expressed concern that the search engine's user base will decline after the cessation of Microsoft's £100 million advertising campaign.