AdWords announces new Callouts ad extension

By Rachel Hand topicIcon PPC

Appealing to customers

Google has launched a new Callouts text extension for search ads.

Announced in a blog post yesterday, Callouts are an extra line of text in PPC ads that enable the advertiser to 'call out' extra information or benefits that would appeal to customers.

Examples given include free shipping, price matching, discounts or customer service, but Google suggested it could be anything to "highlight what makes your business different from your competitors". Each can be up to 25 characters long, and up to four can display in one ad.

The snippets are added using the ad extensions tab -which will also display performance data for the ads with the extension. Callouts can be managed at campaign, ad group and account level, and can be customised or disabled for mobile searches.

Google quotes Hilton Worldwide's Senior Search Manager James Harrower as saying, "In just one month after implementing callout extensions, we've seen a 9% increase in conversion rate."

Improving PPC campaigns

Google is keen on ad extensions, previously stating they "typically improve clickthrough rate and overall campaign performance because they make ads more useful". Furthermore since October 2013, ad extensions have been a factor in Ad Rank - the algorithm Google uses to determine the positioning of search ads. The relevance and impact of Callouts could therefore have an impact on both ad position and cost per click.

On the flip side, Ad Rank can determine whether or not an ad is eligible to include extensions; so advertisers wanting to increase their chance of displaying Callouts will need to improve the other two factors in Ad Rank (Quality Score and bid).

Because Callouts work alongside other ad extensions, the potential real estate or space taken by an ad can also increase. Whereas the traditional amount of ad copy allowed is two lines of 35 characters, extensions such as ratings, location, sitelinks and phone numbers all add to this.

All advertisers will be able to add Callouts in the next few weeks.